Selah High School’s Natalie Keller.

Natalie Keller

Selah High School

10th grade

Unleashed experience: 2nd year.

Summer binge: Back in March, my family and I decided to watch a decade-old episode of "The Apprentice." Nine seasons later, we are still enjoying watching the show as a family. Although "The Apprentice" is a rather random choice, I have found it to be highly entertaining!

About me: With a year of Unleashed experience in the books, I am very excited to begin my second year with the program. In addition to Unleashed, I am involved in DECA and recently became a member of the Selah High School cheer team. I have also been dancing for 10 years in styles such as pointe, ballet and lyrical.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, jogging, playing a good game of Clue with my family and, of course, writing. In the future, I hope to pursue a career as either an English teacher or a broadcast journalist.