Davis High School’s Maya Crowder.

Maya Crowder

Davis High School

12th grade

Unleashed experience: 1st year.

Summer binge: "BoJack Horseman."

About me: For as long as I can remember, flipping through the newspaper has been a morning ritual. My favorite sections have been the comics and Unleashed. So, I’m thrilled to finally be a part of this section!

You might recognize me from swimming, soccer, track, or one of the six schools I’ve attended. I enjoy writing, reading, and working on art projects. On an average day, you can find me experimenting in the kitchen, trying to learn Spanish, working at the pool, and exploring plans for the future.

I’ve lived in Yakima for most of my life, and the unique blend of perspectives I’ve encountered has taught me so much. I also love the diversity of the landscape, with rivers, rolling fields, and mountain forests only a day trip away. Nowhere else are the fall colors or warm evenings quite the same. This is my last year here before I head off to college. Despite the uncertainties 2020 has brought, I’m hoping to make it a good one!