Eisenhower High School’s Mary Mickelson.

Mary Mickelson

Eisenhower High School

10th grade

Unleashed experience: 2nd year.

Summer binge: "Avatar: The Last Airbender."

About me: In my spare time I love to write, read and draw, and I have recently discovered a love for Broadway music. I’m someone who easily obsesses over things I will read or watch, so if you happen to read a book I’ve recently read, or watch a television show I’ve just finished binging, I will talk to you hours on end over every small detail of the book or show.

I love doing simple things with my friends, whether it be taking a hike, getting frozen yogurt, or just spending hours together talking, I love those moments and can not wait until I can see them again. I am really looking forward to another year of Unleashed and to further improve my writing.