West Valley High School’s Magnus Fulton.

Magnus Fulton

West Valley High School

9th grade

Unleashed experience: 1st year.

Summer binge: I rewatched "The Office" for the sixth time over the summer, trying to squeeze in one last run through before the show that has shaped all of our lives leaves Netflix. I also ate an unhealthy amount of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and watched all of the Marvel movies with my family.

About me: I love being outdoors. I explored my neighborhood and went for grocery runs on my bike over this last summer. I also went on a daily run with my chocolate Lab, Leia, who I eventually had to start leaving behind because her once frantic excitement at the mere mention of the word "run" had faded into a resounding "no" over the course of the summer.

I also love hiking. I explored many of the trails managed by the Cowiche Canyon Conservancy with my family, and was even able to sneak in a couple trips up to the Cascade Mountains, as well!

I also love making cool things with computers and hanging out with my friends, so I organized several online Minecraft parties to stay in touch over the summer.