La Salle High School’s Eva Regina.

Eva Saenz

La Salle High School

12th grade

Unleashed experience: 2nd year

Summer binge: I read "Les Misérables" by Victor Hugo. Getting through all of its 1,232 pages was a challenge but one I’m glad I finished.

About me: I’m going to explain what the average day in my life feels like so you can get a better picture of who I am. I wake up around 6 a.m. and get ready for school. La Salle High School’s campus is open, so around 8 I’ll be there prepared for a long day of going to classes, seeing friends, and eating lunch. Once I’m home, the possibilities of what I’ll do are endless. Some days, I’ll practice a little guitar while other times I’ll turn on the TV and watch an episode of some new show. And then comes homework time, which normally lasts me a few hours. Afterwards, I’ll work out, eat dinner, and finish my day off by painting or reading.

Obviously, my schedule changes all the time but in general I like to keep it pretty calm on the day-to-day so I can really focus on what matters to me: my friends, my writing, and keeping myself centered.