East Valley High’s Spencer Malmberg Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019.

Spencer Malmberg

School: East Valley High School

Grade: 12

Unleashed experience: 2nd year

Activities and hobbies: Band, ASB, National Honor Society, writing, driving places, saying dumb things.

Favorite food: My father’s lasagna.

Hi, I am an overworked senior who does a lot of stuff because I simultaneously like doing things and ignoring a large to-do list. My passion in life is writing, so the reporter gig is pretty amazing. Yet I also work at the movie theater, so I can see movies for free, which is also pretty tight.

I drive to Walmart at least three times a week for no reason at all, buy too many CDs and books, and partake in jazz at my high school. I have been told I look good in flannels, and plan to go to the University of Washington to pursue a career as a creative writer.