Riverside Christian School’s Justin Klingele Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019.

Justin Klingele

School: Riverside Christian School

Grade: 12

Unleashed experience: 1st year

Hobbies and activities: Knowledge Bowl, soccer, golf, photography, electronics, music.

Favorite food: Chicken pasta, because it contains my favorite meat (chicken), my favorite ingredients (pasta), and often my favorite topping (cheese).

I have an incredibly broad variety of interests, from astronomy and technology to politics and music. The side effect of this is that I'm pretty unsure about what I want to study in college — I’m sure many of my fellow seniors know that feeling right now.

That kind of shared experience is part of why I value community. I see it as an opportunity to meet new people with unique ideas. I especially enjoy events such as fundraisers and conventions, although I would rather volunteer than just attend.

Part of why I have so many interests is that I love trying new things, and I hope to use Unleashed as a chance to do just that, and to share the stories that make our communities special.