Eisenhower High’s Belen Rodriguez Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019. 

Belen Rodriguez

School: Eisenhower High School

Grade: 10th

Unleashed experience: 1st year

Activities and hobbies: I do a lot in my day-to-day routine. I love music, and I am involved in my school’s band and music programs. I also love to play basketball, and I’ve been playing since I was 5! When I have free time, I love to write, which is my way of clearing my head.

Favorite food: My favorite food is pasta. Eating pasta reminds me of being home with my family and eating good food with the people I love. It comforts me and makes me feel at ease.

I’m very passionate about everything I do. I believe if you don’t do something with the most effort you can, why do it at all? This is my key to success.