YouTube show host Bailey Sarian

Illustration of YouTube show host Bailey Sarian.

You know the old saying, “We go together like murder and makeup?” No? Maybe that’s not the right saying, but it should be, considering how well YouTuber Bailey Sarian puts them together.

In her online series, “Murder, Mystery, and Makeup,” Sarian tells a true crime story while she does a flawless makeup look. Even if you aren’t really into makeup, her storytelling ability makes her videos worth the watch. Sometimes true crime documentaries spit out facts in a flat, sort of drab voice. That’s definitely not how Sarian rolls.

Her witty, sarcastic humor makes for a very entertaining time, but Sarian knows when to joke and when to be serious. She tells all the facts of a case without sounding like a bland documentary narrator.

Another benefit to watching her videos is that she adds her opinion. In regular true crime shows you only get facts. Sometimes hearing another person's opinions makes the case more interesting, even if you disagree.

Sarian also recently started a series called “Dark History” in which she discusses dark moments, mysteries and all-around strange events throughout history. I retain information best when the person teaching me is a little funny. If Bailey Sarian taught my history classes, I’d probably never forget anything. Just like “Murder, Mystery, and Makeup,” “Dark History” is full of humorous commentary.

Both of these series can be watched on YouTube or can be listened to via podcasts. New episodes of “Murder, Mystery, and Makeup” are usually posted on Mondays — not every Monday, because sometimes she needs a break. “Dark History” episodes are posted on most Thursdays.

Gracie Miller is a senior at Eisenhower High School.

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