2018 Invision

Tyler Joseph of the band Twenty One Pilots performs in concert during their "Bandito Tour" at The Wells Fargo Center on Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018, in Philadelphia. (Photo by Owen Sweeney/Invision/AP)

Twenty One Pilots, the alternative rock/pop duo made up of lead singer Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dunn, has returned with an outstanding new 14-track album.

Over the past year, Twenty One Pilots fans have been anxiously awaiting the return of the band. Ever since its last tour concluded, the duo stopped using its social media in late July of 2017. Then early this past July, the band released the music video for its new single, “Jumpsuit,” and the song for another, “Nico and the Niners.” The group also announced that the band’s next full album would be released Oct. 5.

Now with the release of the new album, titled “Trench,” a lot of the fans (including me) have found themselves awestruck by the level of creativity and heart that was put into all 14 songs. As I bought the album and listened to it over the past couple of weeks, I couldn’t help but groove to its stellar instrumentals and get into the beat of every song. Whether it is the love song “Smithereens” (which is an ode to Joseph’s wife), “Legend” (the depressing upbeat song for Joseph’s late grandfather) or “Leave the City” (an emotional ride with lyrics that address the battle one goes through during mental health problems), I couldn’t help but listen to each song on this collection as many times I could.

I was really impressed by the album’s fifth song, “Chlorine.” which really shows how this band can mix slow emotion, heavy rock, and jazzy raps into its music. This track helps the duo yet again define a genre of music through the pair’s musical genius. “Chlorine” is a song comparing the chemical chlorine with the feeling and life you get by performing music. The song is about how chlorine helps cleanse things while being a deadly substance, and how the duo sees music as a way to help them to not only cleanse the worst parts of life but can also be something that itself can lead to problems. Joseph and Dunn say music is like chlorine, and they just can’t get enough of it.

Twenty One Pilots’ “Trench” is an absolute gem of an album and for the fanbase is 100 percent worth the wait. This album is moving and inspiring, and holds what I believe to be some of the greatest songs I have ever heard. “Trench” is a lyrical adventure that moves you to the beat, and moves you to feel the joy of love and the pain of loss. I think that any listener would be able to enjoy and appreciate all that’s in this album, including how much soul this pair puts into what they perform.

Spencer Malmberg is a junior at East Valley High School.