Peach Pit

Peach Pit.

Peach Pit is a rising indie band made up of four friends originating from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The ensemble plays innovative music that has included some of my favorite tracks from the past couple years.

The group’s debut album, “Being So Normal,” was released in late 2017 and quickly became one of my most played albums ever. With the April 6 release of the band’s new album, “You and Your Friends,” I now have another 12 songs to jam to when cruising through Yakima.

The musical mood of Peach Pit varies from song to song. The group usually stays either melodic with a somber tone, or upbeat with a triumphant tone. You can dance to this music, or think deeply to it.

The new album continues this Peach Pit trend perfectly.

Songs like “Shampoo Bottles” express the band’s emotional reach. “Shampoo Bottles” is about the struggle faced with the remnants of a broken relationship, addressing what to do with the items someone you don’t love anymore left behind. If you throw the things away, it symbolizes that you’re moving on. But what if you aren’t ready yet? If you hold onto them, these possessions become exhibits in a museum of what used to be.

There are not many — or any — songs such as this that are about what to do when you want to recover yet can’t bring yourself to forget. The strong guitar rocking throughout “Shampoo Bottles” flows through the rough lyrics as the song fades into nothing at the end of it all.

Then there are entries like “Black Licorice,” a tune that is more upbeat but with lyrics addressing ideas such as being in the moment and about not feeling wanted. This smooth song follows a story in its lyrics with a classic guitar. Then the chorus rises as we hear about feeling like ignored black licorice, and electric sounds take over to show the power of these negative thoughts.

“Black Licorice” is easily the best song on the album. It sounds great and, as with most any Peach Pit song, provides lyrics that offer an idea in an abstract way that causes you to think.

Every song on this album is a masterpiece in indie pop. There is feeling in every song, and the heart of the band is in every lyric.

“You and Your Friends” is an instant classic. Just put it on. Whatever mood you are in, this album has something for you and it rocks, no matter whatever you’re feeling.

Spencer Malmberg is a senior at East Valley High School.