School tradition

Homecoming is back! This fall, homecoming made its return to high schools and communities throughout the Yakima Valley. Homecoming week brings classes of new and old together to spend time and enjoy each other’s company. In Sunnyside, the beauty of homecoming comes with class competitions such as hallway decoration contests, the “Macho Man” boys volleyball game, and the girls powderpuff football game. Want your class to be the best? Then prove it!

Homecoming brings your community together with events such as local parades and Friday night football games. To top it all off, the week ends with a magical Saturday night dance. You have to build your courage and ask that special someone to dance, so don’t be afraid.

Homecoming is a time to gather your family and bring your school spirit because candy is getting thrown, points are getting scored, and dance floors are getting stepped on.

J.J. Montelongo, Sunnyside High School, 12th grade


ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” is in its 30th season and, as a fan of the program, I have enjoyed watching the competition take shape. The show, in which professionals teach celebrities to dance, always provides entertainment combined with a dollop of fun. And, so far, season 30 is no exception. Featuring celebrities such as Spice Girls member Melanie C , actress Melora Hardin, singer JoJo Siwa, and gymnast Suni Lee, the show’s simultaneous focus on the stars’ personal development is compelling to watch.

From high-energy styles such as the cha-cha and salsa to the elegance of the foxtrot and contemporary, the energy invested into the routines by both the celebrities and professionals is evident. Overall, “Dancing With the Stars” is a must-watch this fall!

Natalie Keller, Selah High School, 11th grade


The song “Chicken Tendies” by Clinton Kane actually has nothing to do with fried chicken. It’s just about a guy recounting a past relationship (which he’s clearly still not over). But the song still has a certain tint of mystery to it. Is there an alternate meaning behind the title? Perhaps the song is supposed to compare the slow cooking of meat to the progression of a relationship. We may never know.

Released in February as the singer-songwriter’s 13th single, it features a pretty complex guitar line that continues to build within the song’s 3 minutes and 17 seconds. Kane’s unique voice stars in this slow, summery ballad. Despite its unconventional name, “Chicken Tendies” is a beautiful song — and it’s the perfect one to blast as you’re driving down the highway with your sunroof open.

— Indy Hilmes, Selah High School, 10th grade

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