HBO’s “Euphoria” has broken the cookie-cutter approach to TV that has been seen in recent times, creating a show that has quickly touched the hearts of teenagers and young adults across the country.

The newest episode, “Part 1: Rue,” brings insight into the life of an opioid-addicted 16-year-old. It takes place in a diner with a detailed dialogue between Rue and her sponsor, Ali. There are no jump cuts, fast-paced plot or millions of characters to understand ... simply a complex and almost poetic dialogue.

The episode brings light to the deepest questions that the human experience brings for everyone. Touching on topics such as mental health, addiction, love, sobriety, hopelessness and loss, this episode dives deep. The topics mentioned may be difficult for some to watch, so viewer discretion is advised. But the true impact of the lessons from this installment of “Euphoria” are needed in today’s world.

— Eva Saenz

La Salle High School, 12th grade


After a year filled with extreme politicization due to an election with a hyper-focus on racial injustice, political commentators have seen an increase in their popularity. One such figure is the conservative African-American and New York Times bestselling author Candace Owens.

With her seemingly controversial views on a number of social and political issues, her name has become more common within many circles of people. Her accomplishments this past year includes furthering the Blexit movement and getting mentioned by the mainstream media many times for thrashing celebrities. Her greatest accomplishment has to be the release of her book “Blackout,” which details the problems with the Black community’s dependence on Democratic policies. With such success in a year like 2020, who knows what 2021 will have in store for Owens?

— Moira Lindner

Riverside Christian School, 12th grade


The Screen Rant Pitch Meetings series, a part of the YouTube channel Screen Rant, is chock-full of laughs and entertainment. The series, created by YouTube comedian Ryan George, comically summarizes and pokes fun at popular movies.

In each video, which are typically less than 10 minutes long, George plays both the role of a scriptwriter and a producer. The video depicts a conversation between the two characters during which the scriptwriter comically pitches the plot of a well-known movie to the producer. These “pitch meetings” humorously highlight the plot holes and quirks of movies.

Additionally, George’s characters have recurring catchphrases that add another layer of humor to each video. So, if you are ever searching for a video to watch, I would highly suggest checking out the Screen Rant Pitch Meeting series.

— Natalie Keller

Selah High School, 10th grade