Local live performance

The set: Beautiful! The costumes: Beautiful! The singing: Beautiful! The recent performance of “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical” that ran Jan. 28-29 at Yakima’s Capitol Theatre was captivating. The bright colors, soulful dancing and familiar songs coupled with a remarkable plot made for a performance that I couldn’t take my eyes away from, not to mention couldn’t keep my toes from tapping.

Following the life of history-making musician Carole King from her humble beginnings to her big success, this musical spanned the decades. I particularly enjoyed watching the clothes and hairstyles evolve from the sleek ponytails of the ’50s to the long free locks of the ’70s as King struggled to rise to the top of the Billboard charts. In addition to the costumes and plot, the music itself made me want to get up and dance. Featuring King’s own hits and a plethora of ’60s classics, I had songs stuck in my head for weeks.

In short, “Beautiful” was an experience I won’t soon forget. (Especially since I have the soundtrack on repeat!)

— Anabelle Kollman

Eisenhower High School, 9th grade


“1917” is a visual masterpiece, offering an excellent storyline and is an all-around incredible movie. The World War I epic takes place on April 6, 1917. Two British lance corporals, Tom Blake and Will Schofied, are given an impossible mission to stop an attack on the Germans, who have found out about the attack and are using it to set a trap. The two best friends have to deliver their message by dawn of the next day in order to save 1,600 soldiers (including Blake’s older brother), and must put their lives in multiple dangers to do so.

One of my favorite parts of the film is the cinematography, which was manipulated as to appear as if the entire movie was taken in one shot. The filming takes the gripping storyline to the next level.

“1917” has received multiple Oscar and Golden Globe nominations — winning Oscars earlier this month for Best Cinematography, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Visual Effects, and winning two Golden Globes in January for Best Drama Motion Picture and Best Director.

— Mary Mickelson

Eisenhower High School, 9th grade

Streaming soon

Netflix’s “Castlevania” will continue its action-packed story when its third season drops on March 5. The animated show, based upon the series of video games by Konami, follows a trio of heroes as they take on the forces of darkness in the region of Wallachia. They include the whip-wielding son of a monster-hunting family, a magician, and the literal son of the vampire Dracula. The new season will see them, along with many returning faces on both sides of good and evil, return to a world of fantastical magic, dangerous monsters, crazed zealots, and vampire machinations.

This new season also teases a more diverse setting than the previous seasons, with arcs taking place in new regions of the wider, dangerous world. Luckily, the third season will also boast an increased budget and more episodes — 10 this time, increasing from the eight we had last season and the four we had in the first season. “Castlevania” is going to need them in order to really deliver on the trailer’s promise that “evil never stays buried.”

— Justin Klingele

Riverside Christian School, 12th grade