She-Ra, from an episode of “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

“She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” from Netflix is one of the most representative TV series I’ve seen in a while.

This fantasy/sci-fi animated adventure series is set on Etheria, a home to many different aliens, humans and other different creatures. The program is filled with heartwarming and exciting characters who are all unique in their own ways. They include a dazzling flower princess, a small but mighty ice princess, and a radiant queen with shining wings. Plus, it’s all presented in an amazing and unique animation style.

You might have heard the name She-Ra before. A series called “She-Ra, Princesses of Power” aired for two seasons beginning in 1985. In the original series, She-Ra was the twin sister of He-Man, but there is no connection to that character in the Netflix reboot.

The new series is faithful to the original while still feeling new and fresh. One thing you notice right off the bat is the representation, which includes different ethnicities and LGBTQ+ characters. All viewers will find a character they can relate to. I adore Entrapta, an energetic and kind character who believes everyone has a good side; she is a skilled technician and sports an old-fashioned welding mask.

The new story of She-Ra follows a young orphan girl named Adora; she grew up in the Horde, a secret empire with evil tendencies. The Horde’s leader, Hordak, wants to be rid of the princess and have Etheria to himself. Adora grew up thinking that the members of the Horde were always the good guys, but she soon realizes she was wrong after witnessing the Horde burn down an innocent village. Adora escapes, and finds a giant sword and two new friends.

With her mighty sword in her hand, she can transform into She-Ra, a mystical warrior with immense strength. She also deals with memories of her childhood and leaving the Horde behind, which means she must fight her childhood friends.

This series has came out on Netflix in 2018 and it has released the last of its 52 episodes in May 2020. Even if this fun series is classified as a kids’ show, adults will have a great time enjoying this series, as well. It deals with heartbreak, finding one’s place, knowing what’s right, and so many more incredible topics.

It makes me want to watch “She-Ra” for the third time. Maybe you will try this series out, too. I promise it will be worth while.