Season 3 of Netflix's "13 Reasons Why" proves that the story isn't able to gracefully go past the written material in Jay Asher’s book and come out the other side with a well-written plot for a new season.

The latest season that debuted last month begins by showing how the main cast members stop a school shooting almost pulled off when everyone was at a dance during the second season’s finale.

The show's first season was well written, presenting an authentic high school story while putting social commentary on teenage depression, suicide and sexual assault. Season three, though, is lackluster at best and insulting to TV shows as a whole at its worst. 

Here are 13 reasons why the third season of this once critically acclaimed series is awful:

Reason 1: Hannah Baker, the character who made the "13 reasons why" list, is ignored this season. Her character is lazily pushed aside as something of the past that shouldn’t be spoken of even though it is something that affected every character’s life.

Reason 2: Clay Jensen’s character is awful. In the previous seasons, he had great arcs that presented him as a tragic goodie-goodie whose unrequited love made him the voice for people. This season he is seen as a sort of anti-hero who saves people for his selfish reasons. The writers took his character and made him a moody teenage Deadpool who doesn’t know how to make or take a joke.

Reason 3: They introduce a new character as narrator who doesn’t matter. Ani Anchola knows nothing of what happened in the previous seasons, which makes her unreliable as a narrator, and she tends to press her points about things she doesn’t know.

Reason 4: Ani is also problematic in another way. A big reason for this character's existence is that she sheds light on the better side of Bryce Walker. Yet she is pointless in doing so, since every other character also accomplishes this function.  And what Ani says usually leads to an annoying tangent anyway.

Reason 5: The timeline is confusing this season. The present-day story is marked with flashbacks like season 1. Yet the poorly constructed flashbacks here leave us wondering when things are happening and in what order.

Reason 6: Then there's the cinematography with the different time periods. During flashbacks, the show is bright, full of color, and full screen. Yet most of the show is set in the present, with dull gray lighting and done in wide screen. The show is mostly devoid of light, creating an unsettling moody tone.

Reason 7: Alex and Jessica's romance is ignored from season 2. It was set up as a big thing for season 3, but is now written off.

Reason 8: Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger in which Tyler is leaving the school after almost following through with a shooting. But this new season devolves this situation into a subplot in order to push forward a murder mystery surrounding Bryce. For fans, last season's cliffhanger ends up just being a ruse.

Reason 9: Every character used to be unique, and had different quirks and hobbies. This entire season, every character is sarcastic, moody, and always on edge. They all mold into the same character type, with not much difference among them.

Reason 10: The show wastes the talents of these actors. These young entertainers are amazing in the many things they have done. Yet, beyond a couple of scenes that allow them to truly show great acting skills and well-done emotion, they are usually directed to be moody.

Reason 11: The characters never use social media or texting well. They mention doing texting, or calling people, and that is the most they use they ever have with their phones. In previous seasons, social media is used as a big tool among the "13 reasons" list. Social media could have been well used this season, but it seem like it didn’t exist this time.

Reason 12: The writing is lazy and the plot is basic, boring or crazy. At some points you can predict what will happen in a scene by the language the writers use. In other seasons, things were more unpredictable with some of the things the characters did. The writing this time is a mess

Reason 13: It is disappointing. After the mediocre second season and the finish to Hannah Baker’s story, viewers were ready for an amazing story about the characters following the life-changing events of the first season, and how they were able to go through life with Hannah as only a memory they hold. Yet, what we were given this time is a sloppy murder mystery, backward character development, pointless new characters and ignored plots.

Season 3 is ugly.

The third season of "13 Reasons Why" is a letdown in all aspects. The series is already confirmed for a 4th installment, which will probably return sometime in late 2020. Hopefully, after seeing such bad reviews and angry fan backlash, the writers will dedicate themselves to deliver a new season that will seem worthy to the fans.

Spencer Malmberg is a senior at East Valley High School.