In full transparency, I am a newcomer to the world of music reviews; I have not written an album review during my time in Unleashed and, as we have come to my senior year, now is the time.

On Aug. 23, Taylor Swift released her seventh album, “Lover.” In less than a month, six of the album’s 18 songs have secured a spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 list. The popularity of this album has also nudged Swift into the 10th spot for the most top 10 hits on record. She is tied with Elvis Presley.

Swift showcases a new sense of vulnerability on the album. In “Soon You’ll Get Better,” which features the Dixie Chicks, Swift explores the love she has for her mom, who was diagnosed with cancer. She also delves into childhood memories in “It’s Nice To Have A Friend.”

Love runs throughout the aptly titled album. The singer shares about love for her mom, and the places Swift has lived, and her current boyfriend; each love is brought to life in strikingly different ways.

The album’s namesake song, “Lover,” is a passionate tribute to the small decisions made in everyday life while in a relationship. The melody is a soothing mixture of guitar strums and drumming with just the right amount of jazziness to match the tranquil lyrics: “And there’s a dazzling haze, a mysterious way about you, dear. Have I known you 20 seconds or 20 years?”

The 11th track, “London Boy” is an optimistic love song about Swift’s boyfriend, Joe Alywn, who grew up in London. It features a catchy tune and lyrics that describe London culture. It is an upbeat portrayal of how happy and content Swift is in her current relationship. That passion for her relationship is also found in the song “False God.”

Love is certainly not the only emotion revealed in the album. In the song “The Man,” Swift dabbles with current affairs. The song is a critique of society’s sexism and the lengths to which women have to go every day to be on a par with men. In my opinion, it is the most significant song on the album. “The Man” combines real-life problems with an air of satire to create the ultimate listener experience: “I’m so sick of running, as fast as I can, wondering if I’d get there quicker, if I was a man.”

“Lover” is by far my favorite album from Swift in the last few years. It has just the right amount of struggle and delight.

Anna Ergeson is a senior at Selah High School.