NY "The Gentlemen" Cast Photo Call

Actors Matthew McConaughey, left, Michelle Dockery and Henry Golding pose together during photo call for the film "The Gentlemen" at The Whitby Hotel on Saturday, Jan. 11, 2020, in New York. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Gangster comedies are not a well versed movie genre. They are hard to direct, and even harder to write. It is a struggle to create a successful story about gangs and the crimes they commit, and to weave in jokes as well.

How do you splice action and comedy together well? Not everyone is up to the task, although the best examples are the Marvel movies of the past couple years.

Yet gems do creep out every once in a while, and Guy Ritchie’s “The Gentlemen” deserves praise for doing the improbable and creating crime film that can make you laugh.

“The Gentlemen” provides a story that is brilliantly written and well directed. The way this film is laid out makes this movie a must-see start of 2020 film experience.

At the beginning of the movie, Matthew McConaughey’s Mickey seemingly gets shot and killed in a bar. The story after this is told through the narration of intrepid private investigator Fletcher (Hugh Grant) as he recounts the story of his investigation into Mickey to Mickey’s right- hand man, Raymond (Charlie Hunnam). Through Fletcher’s narration, we learn that Mickey has been a marijuana mogul who has been trying to retire from the illegal weed industry that he has been building out of English estates. Mickey has planned to sell off his business to a fellow rich businessman. But, as Mickey is cleaning house and finishing up his dealings with estate owners, a Chinese gangster is doing his best to buy out the business, too, seemingly under the direction of a gang boss named Lord George.

The whole story is about the events Fletcher stumbles into that lead to his offer to maintain his silence for money, and how Mickey tries to end his run in the business. Ultimately, everything is wovean together in a divine way that leaves the audience pleased with the movie’s ending.

The story isn’t all that this movie going for it. The movie truly is hilarious. Even though “The Gentlemen” is gritty and based around illegal businesses and gangs, it is filled to the brim with amazing jokes. This is particularly true with the character of Fletcher, as his narration and playful teasing of Raymond flavors the great story with a brilliant way of presenting how the story unfolds. His narration over the story adds everything to it. The heavy gangster action is smoothly paused with witty comments as Fletcher shows his knowledge of the gangster environment with enough detachment to joke about it.

There are many other ethings, as well. All the characters have moments that cause an uproar of chuckles for moviegoers. The mix of the gangers being portrayed like gritty, tough criminals or laughable bad boys who are brewing up hijunks is what contributes to making this movie come across as well as it does.

This is quite possibly the best example of gangster comedy I have seen. “The Gentlemen” is an amazing cinematic experience for anyone who is wanting an action-packed story with great comedy, and isn’t looking to watch a Marvel film.

Spencer Malmberg is a senior at East Valley High School.