Malcolm & Marie

Zendaya and John David Washington in "Malcolm & Marie."

The recently released Netflix movie “Malcolm & Marie” is a knife that cuts through many topics and does not fail for an instant to bleed life into what cinema can look like today.

With its use of black and white film, electrifying music and profoundly poetic dialogue, there is little to dislike about this work. Director Sam Levinson outdid himself, creating a world that seemed to stain my computer screen with life and left me speechless.

The entire film takes place after a premiere showing of Malcolm’s newest film. Quickly, the couple fires off into an argument that carries the viewer into a deeply intimate experience. I sat awestruck near my computer as I observed the dialog between Malcolm and Marie, portrayed by John David Washington and Zendaya Coleman. Their lines carry such emotion that the viewer can’t help but feel them vibrate in one’s own mind.

This film points a finger at the way critics digest film in our era, as well as the difficulty our generation has understanding the true art form that is cinematography. The message here is that our search for gravitas and meaning in every scene leads us to stray from the absolute power that a film can produce.

Though not a movie for the faint of heart, it will leave you in stunned silence as the end credits roll and you are forced to digest the masterpiece that is “Malcolm & Marie.”

Eva Saenz is a senior at La Salle High School.