As any true fan of the K-pop group BTS will tell you, chicken noodle soup isn't just food!

Last September, South Korean rapper J-Hope of BTS, along with Mexican-American singer Becky G, released their single of “Chicken Noodle Soup.” A remake of the 2006 original by Da Drizzle, the 2019 version of the song is a hip-hop track about “chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side.”

Because the song has such a peculiar theme, it has been interpreted as having a multitude of meanings. According to SongFacts, J-Hope associates the lyrics with the struggles he has faced throughout his career, and Becky G connects it to her Hispanic heritage and obstacles as a female artist. Some fans also speculate the comfort food aspect has some connection with its message.

Of course, this song could also literally be just about the soup.

Regardless of its meaning, the song received lots of attention. It was the second track associated with the boy group BTS to hit the Hot 100 in the U.S., a significant stride for the K-pop industry that has been venturing into the American market. It is also representative of cultural diversity, as the remake includes three languages: English, Korean and Spanish. 

The music video even features 50 dancers from all over the world. And who could ignore the social media trend #cns that began circulating on the web during the start of the last school year? Fans from across the globe have recorded themselves performing the iconic dance, including students from Davis High School.

The song is a masterpiece. Otherwise, how could a song about chicken noodle soup have so much success?

Amy Bailon is 2020 graduate of Davis High School.