West Valley High School president Wesley Bryant

West Valley High School student body president Wesley Bryant has been involved in student government since freshman year, including serving as his class president for three years. With the exception of his first year, he ran for these positions unopposed and is popular with the student body.

Becoming Associated Student Body president has been Bryant’s goal since a few months into his time as freshman class president.

“I felt like I would have a more meaningful impact on the student body as ASB president,” he said, recalling his decision to run for the ASB leadership role instead of pursuing becoming senior class president.

He finds the job satisfying.

“I love working behind the scenes and seeing what it takes to get stuff done. It’s a lot of work to produce assemblies and school events, but the results can be amazing and I love bringing our student body together.”

He also values the relationships he has been able to cultivate with staff and students through his time in student government. “Ram Pride” is a focal point of Bryant’s personality. He is full of school spirit and is at every event, normally decked out in Ram gear.

And what’s his favorite thing about West Valley?

“Our community and support at sporting events,” he said. “It can get pretty rowdy from students and parents alike, but I love that energy.”

Bryant also loved his experience at the school’s freshman campus.

“Our time there brought us closer as a class. We developed relationships that have lasted throughout high school,” he said.

As with everything else, the job of ASB president has changed for this year. It has been much more difficult to plan student events, either remotely or through following COVID-19 guidelines. Virtual learning has made it much more challenging to get students involved in school activities. Bryant has noticed changes within the ASB student government group, as well.

“There are not the same connections within our group as there were last year,” he said. “Normally there’s a lot of hard work with jokes and having fun, but now it is harder to make those jokes.”

There are also not as many group projects, which is how many friendships are developed within ASB. Social media events and publications have become more of a part of student life now.

Outside of ASB, Bryant loves outdoor activities. He goes skiing and mountain biking in his free time. He has played soccer since he was little and is a member of the varsity team at West Valley. He has plans to attend the University of Utah in the fall, where he is excited to have a fresh start while pursuing his planned major in business.

However, he does not have any plans to continue student government in college.

As for the future of West Valley High School, Bryant hopes students have learned a lot from this time.

“High school goes by quick and some don’t get to experience it all,” he observes. “So make sure you don’t blink or take your time for granted.”

Ava Hoeger is a senior at West Valley High School.