Do you recall the last high school football game you attended? What do you remember seeing? A rowdy crowd, energetic cheerleaders, the dance team and, of course, the football game were probably among those things.

And what did you hear? Perhaps the band keeping the energy levels high?

No matter what age you are, your high school experience is something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Taking pride in your school and participating are things that are going to make your time memorable.

One face you might have seen in the football stands this fall from Eisenhower High School, her face painted and her spirit strong, is Audrey Winterfeld. The sophomore says: “High school is one thing when it’s just about getting your diploma and moving on. But when you really get involved in school events and be active in sports and pep assemblies, it becomes that high school experience you see in the movies.”

Alyssah Cornejo, another sophomore and a member of Eisenhower’s dance team, adds: “These are the memories we are going to look back on. If we aren’t spirited, there’s nothing for us to remember, because we didn’t participate.”

While there are some very spirited students at Ike, it can be hard to get everyone involved. Jayna Grandy, a junior and member of the Ike cheer squad, says a lot of students feel “too cool” to participate, and that they may actually be looking more out of place if they’re not participating with everyone else.

Kids who don’t participate are really missing out on the high school experience. Grandy says it is a really rewarding thing getting to see all of the smiling faces in the crowd at games and pep assemblies.

The band is kind of the backbone of school spirit. Of course, many groups contribute to a huge part of that spirit, but it can be difficult to imagine a football game or pep assembly without the music.

Jakob Kennicutt, a sophomore member of the Eisenhower band, says: “I think the band gets the crowd more spirited by bringing the pep to sporting events. We kind of get everyone excited for the game.”

A lot goes into school events. Participants such as Winterfeld, Cornejo, Grandy, Kennicutt, and so many others know and understand the benefits that happen by becoming involved and enjoying the group experience that occurs through school spirit.

Gracie Miller is a sophomore at Eisenhower High School.