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La Salle High School adjusted its annual springtime planning for the coming school year by altering the Associated Student Body candidate interview process that would normally take place on campus.

Interviews for La Salle students seeking to be on the ASB board were conducted via Zoom.

Digital interviewing seemed to be the best way to help the ASB board stay on track for the next school year. La Salle used the Zoom app, which is similar to Skype or FaceTime, to interview students seeking ASB positions such as president or coordinator. The process occurred April 14-30.

Normally, the interviews would have taken place around the same time of the year and in person at La Salle’s campus in Union Gap. Current ASB members would have personally interviewed the student candidates in classrooms, with elections by the current ASB seniors.

Kevin Jam, the director of Campus Ministry at La Salle and one of the three ASB board members, said it was never a difficult decision to implement Zoom into this year’s interview process.

“We were excited to do them (interviews) in this format. We weren’t disappointed. It was actually pretty fun,” he said.

The Zoom interview process turned out to be simple. Jam said a key priority was ensuring everyone involved was aware of how the process would work and what time they needed to be online.

With the new process, La Salle’s ASB seniors were elected this month, and students and staff were able to see the results when they were posted on La Salle’s Instagram account May 4. The school’s incoming ASB members quickly started preparing for the new school year, again using Zoom.

La Salle High School junior and newly elected ASB service coordinator Emilie Munguia said that it was a good solution. It also helped her prepare for future job interviews, she said.

“It was nerve-wracking,” Munguia said. “But the ASB members who interviewed me made me feel comfortable and welcomed.”

Eva Saenz is a junior at La Salle High School.