ASB President Melody Davis poses for a portrait at Selah High School in Selah, Wash.

Often, the best leaders are also great listeners. And Selah High School ASB president Melody Davis feels she exemplifies this quality as she fulfills her leadership role.

This year, the 18-year-old senior at Selah High School has taken on the daunting role of commander-in-chief of her school’s ASB. Having been involved in ASB throughout her high school career, Davis enjoys serving others through her current position.

Additionally, just as she feels she has helped Selah High School grow, Davis believes she has experienced personal growth, as well.

The senior recalls that, when she was younger, she looked up to several role models. One of those role models was Kiven Ball, a former ASB member who graduated from Selah in 2017.

“Looking up to her, I could see myself being in the position she was in,” Davis recalled. “I wanted to be more involved in the school in a way that I could help people out.”

Davis also had encouragement from a teacher in ultimately being driven to become involved in ASB. And the student has sincerely enjoyed it.

One duty the school’s current ASB president has particularly enjoyed fulfilling is student recognition. She has helped create awards and certificates celebrating other students’ accomplishments, something in which she takes great pride.

“I was able to recognize other kids for their achievements, which felt good that I could make them feel proud about themselves, too,” Davis said.

She also enjoys the company of her fellow ASB members and ASB adviser, Michelle McCartney. Davis feels that McCartney, who is a teacher and activities director at Selah High School, has pushed her to become a better speaker and leader. All in all, Davis feels that ASB has been a source of personal growth.

McCartney notes that Davis brings a lot of positives to the table: “She’s responsible, she’s dedicated, she’s willing to go the extra mile. She’s a self-starter, she has initiative, she’s extremely talented. And she is kind and willing to help out others.”

Davis believes her listening skills have aided in her ASB endeavors. She says that listening to others’ input and suggestions, rather than simply implementing her own ideas, plays a key role in her leadership style.

In addition to her duties as ASB president, Davis is involved in the Senior Council and is an avid dancer, serving as the captain of the Selah High School dance team.

In fact, the student sees parallels between her roles as ASB president and dance team captain. Though the activities themselves are quite different, Davis believes that the leadership roles are very similar.

“I carry a lot of those leadership skills over into my dance. And so it’s easy to make those connections on how to help groups organize themselves.”

Whether leading as the ASB president or as the dance team captain, Davis takes pride in her leadership abilities. Most of all, she finds joy in helping others.

As McCartney said: “Every student has their own strengths and, whether they serve as ASB president or not, they have something to give. And Melody is the same way. She has something to give.”

Natalie Keller is a freshman at Selah High School.