“Second to the right, and straight on till morning!”

This month, Davis High School offers everyone from small children to grandparents the opportunity to embark on an adventure full of mermaids, pirates, and fairies with its theatrical production of the classic play, "Peter Pan."

The childhood tale comes to life for two weeks in the Davis Kiva, starting this Thursday through Saturday, Nov. 7-9, and concluding next week during Nov. 14-16. Showtimes are at 7 p.m. nightly, with a Saturday matinee.

This production is supplying both some experimentation and new beginnings for many of its participants. It's the directorial debut of Sergio Valdez, who has worked as a costumer for several shows and was the choreographer for the school's "Wizard of Oz" musical this past spring. Valdez has also participated in Yakima Valley College's drama and choir programs.

Valdez is excited to begin his journey into directing with this play, and says he's been enjoying the many fun experiences that come with it, as well as working with the kids.

“It’s so weird that I’m now calling them kids, because I like to think I’m not old,” he quipped.

He added: "It feels nostalgic," noting that he performed in a "Peter Pan" production a few years ago and has a sense of things perfectly coming full circle in serving as director this time.

Many of the actors participating are taking part in their first Davis High School production. Sophomore Chloe Ring previously acted as little Wendy, part of the crocodile, and a mermaid when Davis staged "Peter Pan" a few years ago. This time she portrays one of the Lost Boys and, while she has forgotten most of the blocking and lines from that other show all those years ago, she’s excited that this is her first Davis play as a high school student.

“People are my age this time!” she happily points out.

Marley Goodwin, a freshman at Davis who is playing another one of the Lost Boys, is grateful for the way that the play has enabled her to meet so many new people: “It’s brought a lot more out of me that wouldn’t have been brought out otherwise.”

Because there are so many new actors coming to the stage for this month's "Peter Pan," the show is filled with a new energy that previous audiences have never seen with this play at Davis. Audiences can look forward to seeing everything from exciting costumes to a sassy Tinkerbell in this family-friendly and fun show.

As Valdez warns with a smile on his face: “Expect a twist at the end of the story. It is not your Disney version!”

Cara Pedrosa is a senior at Davis High School and a member of the Yakima Herald-Republic's Unleashed program for teen journalists. She portrays the title role in Davis High School's production of "Peter Pan."