Amy Klein

I can say that throughout all of my schooling in the East Valley School District, I’ve never had a bad teacher, ever! It goes to say that I could go on forever about all of my teachers.

However, one teacher who impacted everyone who had her was my fifth-grade teacher at Terrace Heights Elementary, Amy Klein.

I have so many memories from this particular grade. Among those was during the lunches, when Mrs. Klein would always read to us. Usually she would read the first book of a series and then move on to another so we could read the rest. One book she started that everyone in the class loved was “Half Upon a Time” and, per our request, she read both books that were out at the time from this series.

However, I cannot tell you for the life of me how many times she would stop reading out loud when lunch was over but continue reading to herself to see what happened. I just remember the class demanding she keep reading, as we were all enthralled. I still laugh thinking about it.

But aside from keeping us entertained at lunch, she was just an amazing person. She would go out of her way to be a support system for children who maybe didn’t have one. She would go to baseball games, band concerts, and any extracurricular activity if a student invited her. Looking back on it, some of those kids might’ve needed that extra support from their teacher.

I can say with 100 percent certainty that she loved her students. On the last day of school, she read to my class “Oh the Places You’ll Go” and to this day I’ll always think of her when I think of that book.

My fifth-grade teacher retired from the school district a few years ago. But, Mrs. Klein, if by some chance you read this, I want to thank you for all you did for my class. I always look back to my fifth-grade year with love and smile.

Trinity Grajeda is a 2019 graduate of East Valley High School who is enrolled at Yakima Valley College.