ASB President Diana Cuevas poses for a portrait Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020, at La Salle High School in Yakima, Wash.

Current La Salle High School senior Diana Cuevas started off her freshman year similarly to the way many students do: Unsure of the future and wary of what was yet to come. Since then, she has found her passions of leadership by being ASB president at La Salle High School, a member of the Davis dance team, and a committee member involved with the Union Gap Library.

Always walking the road less taken, Cuevas has catapulted into becoming a successful ASB president and role model though her consistency in and out of the classroom.

Throughout all four years of her high school experience, Cuevas has been known for the leadership roles she takes in every aspect of her life.

Back during her freshman year, Cuevas was unsure of the path she was on. Joining La Salle High School was a big decision and one that she didn’t take lightly. Since students at La Salle are able to join some extracurricular activities elsewhere for programs not offered at La Salle, she began thinking as a ninth grader about joining the Davis High School dance team. But, ultimately, she never auditioned that year.

“That was always a chip on my shoulder, that I didn’t do it,” she recalls. “It’s not that I couldn’t do it. I just got scared.”

Cuevas may show incredible diligence when it comes to her work, but when she hears music start to play, she knows how to have fun. So during her junior year, the girl decided to chase after that dream and she finally made it on the dance team. This year is her first full season dancing for Davis High School.

The student’s go-getter attitude has carried her to many different opportunities throughout the Union Gap community. Roughly a year ago, she got the chance to work with the Union Gap City Council in developing a library. With a $2 million grant from the state, Cuevas worked with an entire team of members to get a library open in the community. Her job was to supply the youth perspective and involvement into the team. Plans call for the new library to be opened in June of next year.

Cuevas has this advice for future ASB presidents and high school students: Find a process that works in one’s day-to-day life.

“Whether that’s having to go to academic guidance or doing homework the class before, everyone finds their own little system,” she says. “Everyone can find the best system for themselves. Just remember that we all work differently.”

What does the future hold for Diana Cuevas? With graduation quickly coming around, she will be attending the University of Notre Dame this August. She also plans on keeping close contact with the Union Gap City Council as work begins on building the library.

Cuevas’ humble attitude and hardworking spirit have continued to strengthen the relationships she’s made through La Salle High School, the Davis dance team, and the library committee. What particularly shines is her enthusiastic desire to promote a welcoming community.

“Be willing to be that person that talks to someone else and gets them comfortable enough to break out of their shell,” she advises. “Be the shoulder for others. Don’t be the person staring others down or judging people. Make the experience for others as good as you would want it for yourself.”

Eva Saenz is a junior at La Salle High School.