La Salle High School is most known for its successful athletics (recently garnering two state championships, in girls soccer and girls basketball) and rigorous academics (offering courses from both Grand Canyon University and the University of Washington). But rarely is the spotlight shown on its artistic students.

Every year, though, La Salle hosts its Follies variety show that showcases the performance talents of its students. And, of course, 2019 is no exception. The 18th annual Follies will take place April 26 and 27 at the West Valley Junior High School Auditorium.

Entertainment each night will range from songs sung by vocally gifted students as well as skits performed by mediocre ASB officers-turned-actors. Attendees can expect to enjoy the typical repertoire of the Whistlers act — in which the junior football players prance around the stage with their stomachs painted — the senior can-can dance, the cheerleaders’ dance, and more.

The Follies has been spearheaded by Marianne Ball, an English and band teacher at La Salle who took over the program in 2007. She prepares for each show months in advance. Her work, in conjunction with the hours of practice that the participating students put into their performances, make for a night that will entertain even the most impassive audience members.

Tracy Do is a senior at La Salle High School.