In May, American and British cultures combined to create the largest celebrity media event of the year: the Royal Wedding. The engagement, announced in November 2017, was seemingly the talk of the town — in every town — for months leading up to the wedding. Soon-to-be Duchess Meghan Markle became an icon for many women across America and England, with her choices of dresses selling out of stores and everyone binge-watching the actress’s “Suits” series on TV. When twice-divorced American Wallis Simpson married King Edward VIII in 1937, he had to abdicate the throne. However, Markle, also a divorced American and a Catholic woman of color to boot, has been welcomed into the family.

On the big day, Meghan wore a white silk dress by Givenchy with California poppies in her veil to represent her home. Prince Harry wore the uniform of the Blues and Royals because of his service in the British Army. The ceremony was held on May 19 at Windsor Castle, with notable guests such as Serena Williams and Oprah Winfrey, among many others. Queen Elizabeth II was also in attendance. The night ended with a performance from Sir Elton John and accompanying fireworks.

While the wedding was big news in America, it was even more so in England where many people were buzzing about the wedding all spring. Many British people could not get enough of the couple, even though they’d been fed with news about Prince William and Duchess Kate for the past five years. On the day of Harry and Meghan’s wedding, 100,000 people flocked to the venue, only 20 miles from London, to catch a glimpse of the newlyweds for the first time as a married couple, while millions tuned in around the world. Harry and Meghan shared a kiss on the steps of the chapel while crowds cheered them on, waving the Union Jack, loud and proud.

The couple stayed in the media’s focus for weeks after tying the knot, delaying their honeymoon for two weeks in order to stay in London for the birthday of Prince Charles. Reports vary as to whether the honeymoon was spent in Canada or Ireland or Namibia: the duke and duchess decided to keep the location secret for privacy and safety reasons.

Of course, they enjoyed a few months together performing their royal duties, but something’s come up that has put the two back into the media again: Duchess Meghan is pregnant! The royal family has been nothing but supportive of the two since the announcement. Queen Elizabeth and Meghan’s mother are reportedly ecstatic about the new addition to the family. The people of England must be overjoyed with all the new information they’re receiving, and the Americans surely are as well. The newest royal family member is expected to arrive this spring.

Keegan Hull is a sophomore at Selah High School.