Who do you think will win the U.S. presidential election?

I fear that Trump may somehow win, but I really think that Biden will. There’s a possibility that many Republicans will look at the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus and choose to vote for Biden. However, many progressives don’t see Biden as the perfect candidate. I think that he has what it takes if people take a chance on him.

Grace Erickson

Selah High School, 12th grade

I think that Biden will win because the current polls say he most likely will. I think that Trump has been seen as perhaps not the best businessman while Biden is an experienced politician. Last time it was kind of different on how the popular vote didn’t end up winning but I also think that Trump is getting a lot of backlash on how he has handled COVID-19 poorly.

Dominik Tamez

La Salle High School, 11th grade