Do any of you have your tree up yet? Yes? No?

I’ve most certainly already put up my tree, my lights are around my room, and I’ve been continuously belting out Christmas songs off-key in my room and in the car. I have certain ways to begin celebrating the coming of Christmas, even if it’s still November. To me, once Halloween is over with, it’s Christmastime!

First, I start decorating my room with twinkling lights meant for the tree. I string them around my mirror and around my bed. I even have a miniature Christmas tree with a tiny star that I put on my dresser and, usually, I decorate it with bright gold and cherry red ornaments coated with glitter.

For the tree that is in the living room, we switch colors every year and have a theme-based tree. One year we could have silver, red, blue, pink, or a mix of blue, red and green or any other combinations. We only have fake trees, so I do miss the smell of wood, which is one of my favorite smells this time of year. And when the heater conks out, we start a fire in the fireplace, which is both warm and good-smelling.

Next, I start to wrap the presents ... that I bought the first weekend of November ... and make my Christmas list, which can easily get pretty long.

To top it all off, I bake sugar cookies with my mom every wintertime, and they’re coated with creamy red frosting and topped off with green and white sprinkles. We enjoy a mug of steamy hot cocoa with fluffy marshmallows and loads of whipped cream, and go in the living room to watch a movie while the crystalline snow falls like the rain of winter.

I have a feeling that some of you may have not prepped for Christmas yet because Thanksgiving comes first, and so for you the Christmas decorations and singing tunes on the top of your lungs comes AFTER.

Yes, yes, I can see from both sides. But, hey, Christmas is just too grand to only have one month to celebrate. It needs two! The Christmas spirit just hits me a little earlier than others, and all the prepping it takes to make the house look and smell Christmasy takes me a while to set up. Best of all, it’s fun!

It’s OK if you give Thanksgiving its whole month that it deserves. I’ll understand. But I’d better be seeing some Christmas trees being put up this weekend after turkey day! Happy holidays!

Jessica McDonald is a senior at Zillah High School.