It is important to understand the different evacuation levels to properly react to wildfire emergencies. Yakima County uses a three-level system for alerting residents of nearby fires.

Level 1: "Ready"

Level 1 evacuation means stay alert. Residents should be aware that danger exists in their area and should consistently monitor emergency service websites and local media outlets for current information. They should take time to plan ahead in case of worsening conditions. This is the time for preparation and precautionary movement of people with special needs, mobile property, pets and livestock. Evacuations at this level are voluntary.

Level 2: "Set"

Level 2 evacuation means be ready. Residents should be aware of significant danger in their area and the high probability of future evacuation. They should voluntarily relocate outside of the affected area or prepare to move at a moment's notice.

Level 3: "Go!"

Level 3 evacuation means leave immediately. Residents should leave promptly and be aware that danger is currently in their area. They should listen to local media or emergency personnel who could give further instructions regarding the evacuation.

Information fromĀ Yakima County Emergency Management Department.

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