People gather to share stories and pray in recognition of the national awareness day for missing and murdered Indigenous women Wednesday, May 5, 2021 at Pioneer Park in Toppenish, Wash.

The Washington State Patrol has started releasing its list of active cases of missing Indigenous people every two weeks instead of once a month.

The totals for Yakima County and the state as a whole have dropped since State Patrol began publishing the list in March. The 98 names on the first list included 30 women and men within the Yakama Nation and in Yakima County. The latest list, released last week, has 21 cases from Yakima County and 89 statewide.

Though the numbers of cases of missing Indigenous people in the state have come down, authorities don’t know if that is due to awareness, or if it is seasonal or related to COVID-19, said Patti Gosch, WSP’s tribal liaison for Western Washington. They need more data over time to compare.

“Yakama Nation cleared many. They have been diligent in their efforts,” Gosch said. “We have been fortunate that numbers have come down, but we still have much work to do. We have many long term reported and as yet unidentified missing to find.”

Some tribal law enforcement agencies believe public awareness is a significant contributor to the lowering numbers, “both in locating missing persons and looking out for one another,” Gosch said. “Making missing persons visible is probably our strongest tool in locating people.”

In another change, the May 17 list reflects a new format. Instead of cases being listed in alphabetical order by the missing person’s last name, State Patrol has started grouping the cases by law enforcement agency. So the 21 cases in Yakima County are listed in alphabetical order within each agency handling those cases.

In Yakima County, that includes one case each with the Toppenish Police Department and Yakima County Sheriff’s Office, two cases with the Yakima Police Department and 17 cases with the Yakama Nation Police Department.

“The format update is to try and fit as much helpful information for the public in an easily accessible way,” Gosch said in an email. “The key is making the missing as visible as possible.”

Dawn Pullin, the tribal liaison for Eastern Washington, and Gosch continue to audit electronic databases and match records to identify those who are not in the system as Native American, Gosch said. “We continue to get calls for assistance from out-of-state families and agencies, with some recent successes,” she added.

State Patrol’s tribal liaisons are teaming with Asa K. Washines of the Yakama Nation, who is tribal liaison for the Washington attorney general’s office, and David J. Rogers, the federal Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons program coordinator in Washington state.

“We have been stronger as a community through working with tribal law enforcement and government, community advocacy groups and grassroots organizations, as well as other state agencies’ tribal liaisons,” Gosch said.

Cases of missing Indigenous people in Yakima CountyAnyone with information about any of these cases should call the reporting agency. People may provide information anonymously by calling Yakima County Crime Stoppers at 800-248-9980. Tips can be submitted online at www.crimestoppersyakco.org.

The FBI has jurisdiction to investigate all serious crimes involving Native Americans on tribal lands. Call the FBI at 206-622-0460 or submit tips online at https://tips.fbi.gov.

Toppenish Police Department, 509-865-4355

Roberta Jean Raines (also spelled Ranes), missing since April 14, 2002. She would be 39 today. Case number 17P2008.

Yakama Nation Police Department, 509-865-2933

Maryjane Andrea Castillo, missing since May 12. She is 13. Case number 21-002864.

Elias Chief Culps, missing since Oct. 29, 2018. He would be 27. Case number 19-009167.

• Adnisha Heaven Gallegos, missing since Dec. 5. Adnisha is 17. Case number 20-008556.

• Adam Cavall George, missing since July 22, 2019. He would be 42 today. Case number 19-007228.

• Michael Eric Hansen, missing since Nov. 4, 2007. He would be 58. Case number 07-5617.

• Ira Earl Kahclamat, missing since May 4. He is 16. Case number 21-002763.

• Rosalita F. Longee, missing since Sept. 18, 2015. She would be 24. Case number 15-006682.

• Justin L. Mcconville, missing since Jan. 11, 2015. He would be 30. Case number 16-010019.

• Earl Nicolas Patrick, missing since March 9, 2015. He would be 40 today. Case number 18-003294.

Anthony “Tony” Colfax Peters, missing since June 1, 2014. He would be 63. Case number 15-006132.

Daniel “Donnie” Temartz Sampson, missing since Oct. 30, 1994. He would be 98. Case number 944028.

Roland Jack Spencer III, missing since May 25, 1984. He would be 40. Case number 405273.

• Shadow Dantes Starr, missing since May 11. Shadow is 13. Case number 21-002842.

Daisy Mae Heath (previously known as Daisy Tallman), missing since late summer 1987. She would be 63. Case number 873732.

• Johnny L. Wahsise, missing since Aug. 1, 2018. He would be 34. Case number 20-000943.

• Karen Louise Wallahee, last seen in Harrah on Nov. 7, 1987. She would be 62. Case number 87-3486.

• Ira Kennedy Yallup, missing since May 20, 2010. He would be 58. Case number 10-2106.

Yakima County Sheriff’s Office, 509-574-2500

Janice Marie Hannigan, missing since after she was discharged from the hospital on Christmas Eve, 1971. She would be 66. Case number 17C00300.

Yakima Police Department, 509-575-6200

• Eleanor Marie Trujillo, missing since Feb. 1, 1996. She would be 63. Case number 97-0062.

• Raymond Jimmy Watlamet, missing since April 8, 2021. He would be 16. Case number 21Y012041.

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