La Salle High School senior Kieran Kershaw Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2019, in Yakima, Wash.

Being perhaps the best athlete on your team is a good start.

Throw in the fact that your one of the team’s hardest workers and you’ve created quite a formidable force.

Add in the confidence that comes with being a four-year starter — the last three at quarterback — and it’s no wonder Kieran Kershaw is looking forward to helping La Salle have a highly successful season.

“I’m looking forward for us to make a good run at the state playoffs,” he said.

Lightning coach Cody Lamb knows Kershaw has all the tools to do just that.

“He’s always been a naturally good athlete with a cool, calm demeanor,” Lamb said. “He’s increased his effort in the weight room to improve on his God-given talents.

“He was already one of the most talented athletes in school history and then to see him (get in the weight room), it’s big.”

That, along with personal workouts with his cousin Ryan and working in his father’s fruit warehouse, has helped the now 6-foot-2, 180-pound Kershaw add about 30 pounds since his freshman year.

“He wants to play at the next level,” Lamb said, “and he’s taking steps to do that now.”

In addition, Kershaw has continued to progress on the field, going from being essentially a running quarterback to a more versatile threat now.

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“I’ve always been a run-first quarterback,” he said. “I’ve just wanted to improve my passing and be as dangerous as possible. My arm strength and accuracy have gotten a lot better.

“(My teammates) have looked to me as quarterback so I’ve got to run the offense with confidence.”

“I’m as confident as I could be with a quarterback,” Lamb said. “He’s naturally smooth and smart. He takes care of the ball and doesn’t make poor choices. Also, he knows he doesn’t have to do it all himself.

“I tell him to call the play and I know it’s going to go well.”

Kershaw is also working on adding one more thing to his repertoire — becoming an outspoken leader for the Lightning.

“He’s always been confident and poised. … Now we want him to be more of a vocal leader,” Lamb said of a player who’s been a captain since his sophomore year.

“Obviously, (quarterback) is a big leadership position so I was trying to lead as much as I could,” he said. “I was not a talking leader. Coach Lamb has really helped me with that.

“Everyone is looking up to me. I became a better leader last year and this year, I’ve got to be even better.”

Now, Kershaw can’t wait to see all the hard work, not just by him but all his teammates, come to fruition on the field this fall.

“It’s should be a fun senior year,” he said.