Highland High School senior Peter Williams Friday, Aug. 9, 2019, in Yakima, Wash.

Peter Williams has spent a fair chunk of his Highland career being moved from position to position.

That’s not a negative thing for the 5-foot-9, 165-pound senior, however.

Far from it.

The moves are simply the coaching staff trying to make best use of the versatile player’s skills.

“Peter, No. 1, has our best football IQ. It’s evident,” head coach Sean Sleater said. “It’s all about finding where kids can do their best.”

“The coaches have always said I was pretty versatile and I think I’ve played pretty well at every position I’ve been at,” Williams said. “I just love football and want to do whatever is best to help the team.”

Last year, that saw Williams move from running back to wide receiver, where he filled — and will again this season — an important role as a slot/possession receiver.

This fall, it will be a much more important defensive switch — from outside linebacker to a hybrid defensive back position.

“The defensive scheme we’re moving to employs what we call a warrior,” Sleater said. “To play that, you need to have a high football IQ and be versatile enough to move all over the place.

“He just jumped out as someone who can play that position for us. We’re excited to see how he does.”

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Williams, who said he prefers playing defense, is ready for the challenge, even if the new duties are still something of an unknown.

“I’m not quite sure yet (how I’ll be used), but I’m totally for it,” he said, adding that he does understand a couple of components to the position.

“I’ll have more coverage responsibilities … and I’m also the last line of defense, so I definitely have to make sure I make every tackle,” he said.

Another factor for the change is his coach’s confidence in Williams to fill a leadership role.

“He leads by example,” Sleater said. “We can see how he flies around. Maybe he can inspire the other kids to do the same.”

Williams said he understands the importance of him being a leader and is embracing that role.

“All the younger guys will look up to me, so I have to set a good example,” he said. “I can’t skip practices because if I do, then the younger guys will say, ‘If Mr. four-year guy can skip, so can we.’ I have to be cognizant of my actions.”

Ultimately, Williams just hopes to pass on his passion for football to those around him.

“I want to be a good leader,” he said, “and motivate the team to play hard and on game day, give it their all.”