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East Valley senior Dillan Morrow had himself a day with eight RBI on Saturday as East Valley's baseball team claimed a pair of impressive wins on its home field.

Starting with a 10-0 nonleague win over Sunnyside, Morrow warmed up with a two-run double to help back Garin Gurtler's two-hitter.

Then came a CWAC contest against Grandview in the afternoon and Morrow broke out with a 4-for-5 effort that included three runs scored and six RBI in a 12-2 victory.

The Red Devils moved to 5-3 in league and 6-3 overall and will host Eisenhower on Tuesday for a single game at 4 p.m.


East Valley=241=104=—=12=13=2

Cardenas, Kleinow (3), Carlos (5) and Judkins; Taylor and Larkin.

Highlights: Dillan Morrow (EV) 4-5, HR, 3 runs, 6 RBI; Tyler Stone (EV) 2-4, 2 runs, RBI; Bryce Larkin (EV) 1-3, 2b, RBI; Kaden Taylor (EV) CG, 6 IP, 0 ER, 2 BB, 7 K, 3-3, 2 runs, RBI; Kleinow (G) 2-4, run; Sauve (G) 1-3, 2b, RBI.


ELLENSBURG 3-10, PROSSER 2-0: At Ellensburg, Luke Sterkel's RBI single with one out in the bottom of the seventh won the opener for the Bulldogs and Kyler Delvo threw a five-inning no-hitter with seven strikeouts to finish the sweep.

Ellensburg (6-2) hosts Grandview on Tuesday.

Game 1



Jensen, Mulbry (6), Belt (7) and Contreras; Estey, Roseberry (6), Fortier (7) and Morrill.

Highlights: Tieton Estey (E) 5 IP, 1 ER, 2 BB, 8 K; Ryker Fortier (E) 1-2, 2b, run; Jacob Roseberry (E) 1-2, 2b, run, 1 IP; Cory Foster (P) 2-4, run; Tre Webb (P) 2-4, 2 RBI.

Game 2



Foster, Mulry (2), Taylor (5) and Contreras; Delvo and Morrill.

Highlights: Kyler Delvo (E) 5 IP, no-hitter, 2 BB, 7 K; Ryker Fortier (E) 1-1, 3 runs, RBI, 2 sb; Tate Morse (E) 1-1, run, RBI.



NACHES VALLEY 10-11, WAPATO 2-1: At Naches Valley, junior Garren Gooler was 5-for-9 for the day with three doubles, three runs scored and two RBI and pitched a two-hitter with seven strikeouts in the second game for the Rangers.

Game 1


Naches Valley=501=022=x=—=10=15=0

Dollente, Olney (6) and Ruiz; J. Jenkins, Sedge (5) and Gooler, J. Jenkins (5).

Highlights: Logan Stevenson (NV) 3-4, 3b, 3 runs, RBI; Garren Gooler (NV) 3-5, 2b, run, RBI; Alex Bost (NV) 1-3, 2b, run, 2 RBI; Colton Rowe (NV) 1-1, HR; Jack Jenkins (NV) 4 IP, 1 hit, 1 BB, 4 K; B Richardson (W) 2-2, 2 RBI.

Game 2


Naches Valley=214=31=—=11=6=1

Richardson, Bill (3), Rodriguez (5) and Martinez; Gooler, L. Jenkins (4) and J. Jenkins.

Highlights: Garren Gooler (NV) 5 IP, 0 ER, 3 BB, 7 K, 2-4, 2 2b, 2 runs, RBI; Porter Abrams (NV) 1-2, 2b, run, 2 RBI; Cameron Young (NV) 2 RBI; Alex Bost (NV) 2 RBI; B Richardson (W) 1-2, RBI.


ZILLAH 18-17, LA SALLE 8-5: At La Salle, Braydon Flood went 4-for-4 with 4 RBI and Cash Layman added four hits and 5 RBI for the Leopards in a sweep. Zillah (5-8) will host Naches Valley on Tuesday.

Game 1


La Salle=001=052=—=8=7=8

Hettich, Johnson (5), Layman (5) and Flood. Rettig, Barker (4), Edler (6) and Snell.

Highlights: Cash Layman (Z) 2-4, 3 runs, 2 RBI; Braydon Flood (Z) 2-2, 3 runs, RBI; Kaden Haffner (Z) 4-4, 4 RBI; Christian Hettich (Z) 2-5; Jake Vankemseke (Z) 3-4, 3 RBI; Justus Barker (LS) 2-3; Jacob Rettig (LS) 2-3, 2b.

Game 2


La Salle=200=12=—=5=9=0

Haffner and Flood. Cobar, Messer (1), Edler (4) and Snell.

Highlights: Kaigen Cochran (Z) 2-3, 3 runs, RBI; Layman (Z) 2-3, 3 runs, 3 RBI; Flood (Z) 2-2, 3 RBI; Rettig (LS) 2-3, run, RBI.



KITTITAS 11-23, CLE ELUM 7-6: At Kittitas, Gabe Carlson was 5-for-6 for the day with a double, triple, four runs scored and seven RBI for the Coyotes, who swept their first league doubleheader and moved to 3-3 overall heading into Wednesday's games at Highland.

Game 1

Cle Elum=100=033=0=—=7=12=0


Whittaker, Dearing (5) and Dearing; Gilson, Carlson (6), Catlin (7) and Catlin, Tamez (7).

Highlights: Gabe Carlson (K) 2-3, 3b, 2 runs, 4 RBI; Austyn Johnson (K) 2-3, 2 RBI; Dawson Gilson (K) 2-2, 2 runs, RBI; L Whittaker (CE) 4 IP, 2 ER, 0 BB, 7 K; C Bogart (CE) 4-5, 3 runs, RBI; J Kelly (CE) 2-5, run, 2 RBI.

Game 2

Cle Elum=221=10=—=6=6=1


Bogart, Kelly (3) and Dearing; Coles, Towner (3) and Catlin.

Highlights: Michael Towner (K) 3-4, 2b, 2 runs, 5 RBI; Austyn Johnson (K) 2-4, 3 runs, 4 RBI; Gabe Carlson (K) 3-3, 2b, 2 runs, 3 RBI; Blake Catlin (K) 2-4, 2b, 3b, 3 runs, 2 RBI; M Dearing (CE) 2-4, 2b, run; C Singer (CE) 1-1, 2b, run, 3 RBI.



SUNNYSIDE CHRISTIAN 22-16, COLTON 2-5: At Colton, Nate Moore homered in the opener and Matt Roedell delivered four hits and six RBI to power the Knights to a sweep. They'll play at DeSales on Tuesday.

Game 1

Sunnyside Chr.=319=45=—=22=17=1


Groeneweg, Jansen (4) and Bosma. Jones, Bell (4) and Wolf.

SC highlights: Nate Moore 2-4, HR, 2b, 5 RBI; Buddy Smeenk 3-4, 2 2b, 3b, 2 RBI; Matt Roedell 2-2, 2 RBI; Justin Van Wieringen 2-4, 2 RBI; Cole Wagenaar 2-4, 2 RBI; Isaac De Boer 3-4, 2 2b, 2 RBI.

Game 2

Sunnyside Chr.=444=40=—=16=8=3


Moore, Smeenk (5), Groeneweg (5) and Bosma, Moore (5). Druffel, Pfaff (2), Moerlhe (3) and Bell.

SC highlights: Roedell 2-3, 2b, 3b, 4 RBI; Dash Bosma 2-3.



EAST VALLEY 10, SUNNYSIDE 0: At East Valley, Garin Gurtler pitched a two-hitter with 11 strikeouts and Kaden Taylor and Dillan Morrow each had two RBI for the Red Devils.


East Valley=150=31=—=10=6=0

Lopez, Palomarez (5) and Yanez; Gurtler and Moser.

Highlights: Garin Gurtler (EV) CG, 5 IP, 5 BB, 11 K; Kaden Taylor (EV) 2-3, 2b, 2 RBI; Dillan Morrow (EV) 1-3, 2b, 2 RBI; Tyler Stone (EV) 3 runs, 2 sb; Easton Hyatt (EV) 2-3, run, RBI.


GRANDVIEW 5, SUNNYSIDE 1: At East Valley, Matthew Sauve hurled a three-hitter with 11 strikeouts to pace the Greyhounds, who play at Ellensburg on Tuesday.



Almaguer, Briones (6) and Ortega; Sauve and Judkins.

Highlights: Matthew Sauve (G) CG, 7 IP, 1 ER, 2 BB, 11 K; G Cardenas (G) 1-4, 2 RBI; C Gomez (G) 2-3, RBI; E Lopez (S) 2-3, run; L Rodriguez (S) 1-3, 2b.




ELLENSBURG 13-15, PROSSER 3-4: At Ellensburg, Victoria Zimmerman homered and tripled in the opener for the Bulldogs, who got a 4-for-4 game from Maggie Bedsaul to close out the sweep. Ellensburg (6-2) and will play Grandview while Prosser (3-3) hosts Selah on Tuesday.

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Game 1



Bestebreuer and Campos; Polacek and Nelson, Messner (5).

Highlights: Victoria Zimmerman (E) 3-4, 3b, HR, 2 RBI; Madison Kennedy (E) 2-3, 3b, RBI; Tess Polacek (E) 3-4, 2 2b; Lily Case (E) 2-2, 2 2b, RBI; Jami Nelson (E) 2-2, 2b, 2 RBI; Grace Bestebruer (P) 2-3, 2b, 3b, RBI; Olivia Campos (P) 1-1, 2b, RBI.

Game 2



Metz, Bestebreuer (3) and Campos; Winter, Zimmerman (3) and Mayer.

Highlights: Maggie Bedsaul (E) 4-4, 2b, 3 RBI; Sienna Pascoe (E) 2-3, 2 2b, 2 RBI; Kassidy Winter (E) 2-3, 3 RBI; Reagan Messner (E) 2-3, 2b, RBI; Grace Bestebruer (P) 3-3, 2b; Hayley Schmidt (P) 1-2.


EAST VALLEY 25, GRANDVIEW 0: At Sunnyside, Kelsee Lawrence pitched a two-hitter with six strikeouts and was 4-for-5 with three doubles and five RBI for the Red Devils.

East Valley=558=34=—=25=24=0


Lawrence and Prince; Ledesma and Figueroa.

Highlights: Kelsee Lawrence (EV) CG, 5 IP, 0 BB, 6 K, 4-5, 3 2b, 5 RBI; Kaylee Prince (EV) 4-5, 3 RBI; Tinley Taylor (EV) 3-4, 3 runs, RBI; Allison Heater (EV) 3-4, 2b, 4 runs, 2 RBI; Mia Wilson (EV) 2-5, 3b, 4 runs, RBI; Tori Goodell (EV) 1-3, 3b, 3 runs; Kyki Hagler (EV) 2-2, 2b, RBI, 2 runs; Dylan Tabor (EV) RBI, 2 runs; Genavi Mendoza (EV) 1-3, 2 RBI, run.



NACHES VALLEY 17-15, WAPATO 2-2: At Naches Valley, the Rangers pushed their league record to 12-0 with another sweep.

In other league games, Zillah swept La Salle 15-0, 16-0 and Connell took two from Toppenish 26-2, 21-2.

Game 1


Naches Valley=(12)5x=—=17

Castro and Zagal-Martinez.

Highlights: Nay Zagal Martinez (W) 2-3, 2b. NV details unavailable at press time.

Game 2


Naches Valley=327=3x=—=15

Castro and Zagal-Martinez; 

Highlights: Ari Castro (W) 1-2, 2b. NV details unavailable at press time.



GRANGER 7-14 MABTON 4-0: At Mabton, Shay Cardenas picked up two wins and struck out eight in a shutout while going 5-for-7 at the plate for the Spartans. Lily Villa finished the day 5-for-5 for Mabton.

Game 1



Cardenas and Tallman. M. Simpson and J. Simpson.

Highlights: Nizhoni Tallman (G) 3-4; Mariel Birrueta (G) 2-4; Shay Cardenas (G) 2-3; Crystal Torres (G) 2b; Mercedes Becerra (M) 2-4; Malloree Simpson (M) 2-4, 2b, RBI, 12 K; Lily Villa (M) 3-3, RBI.

Game 2



Cardenas and Tallman. M. Simpson and J. Simpson.

Highlights: Shay Cardenas (G) 8 K 3-4, 2b; Tallman (G) 2-4; Birrueta (G) 2-4; Hailey Golob 2-4, 2b; Villa (M) 2-2; Giselle Garzon (M) 1-3, 2b.


KITTITAS 21-34, RIVER VIEW 6-12: At River View, Harley Allemand went 5-for-9 with two doubles, eight runs and seven RBI for the Coyotes, who improved to 4-1 and will host Tri-Cities Prep on Wednesday.

Game 1


River View=000=06=—=6=3=5

Nash and Nevius; Rodgers and unavailable.

Kittitas highlights: Cassidy Gay 4-4, 3b, 5 runs, 4 RBI; Harley Allemand 2-4, 2b, 3 runs, 4 RBI; Hannah Moore 3-5, 2b, 3 runs, RBI; Natalia Benavides 3-5, 4 runs, 2 RBI; Elysa Nash 6 K.

Game 2


River View=035=31=—=12=3=5

Huber, Gay (3) and Miller, Hillebrand (3). Katsel, Renteria (2), Rogers (4) and unavailable.

Kittitas highlights: Allemand 3-5, 2b, 5 runs, 3 RBI; Shakina Miller 2-3, 5 runs 2 RBI; Rillee Huber 4-5, 2b, 3b, 6 runs, 6 RBI. Arianna Hillebrand, 2b, 2 runs.


CLE ELUM 19-19, WHITE SWAN 1-20: At White Swan, Lovey Vanpelt was 6-for-7 for the day and hit two doubles in the second game to help the Cougars earn a split.

Game 1

Cle Elum=273=34=—=19=16=1

White Swan=100=00=—=1=2=3

Romig and Romig; Van Pelt and Garza.

Highlights: Lovey Vanpelt (WS) 2-2.

Game 2

Cle Elum=10(10)=304=1=—=19=10=3

White Swan=023=3(10)2=x=—=20=17=3

Bator, Romig (5) and Romig; Redheart, Van Pelt (6) and Garza.

Highlights: Van Pelt (WS) 4-5, 2 2b.



COLTON 13-16 SUNNYSIDE CHRISTIAN 3-1: At Colton, the Knights scored first and Ella Alseth homered in two losses. They'll play at DeSales on Tuesday.

Game 1

Sunnyside Chr.=200=10=—=3=4=1


Andringa and Alseth. Meyer and Becker.

SC highlights: Ella Alseth 2-3.

Game 2

Sunnyside Chr.=010=00=—=1=1=0


Faber and Clapp. Schulties and Becker.

SC highlights: Alseth 1-2, HR.



EAST VALLEY 18, SUNNYSIDE 0: At Sunnyside, Allison Heater fanned 12 during her one-hitter and Lexi Melone collected six RBI for the Red Devils, who play at Eisenhower on Tuesday.

East Valley=502=56=—=18=15=2


Heater and Prince; Puente and Anderson.

Highlights: Allison Heater (EV) CG, 5 IP, 2 BB, 12 K; Mia Wilson (EV) 3-4, 2 runs, 3 RBI; Tori Goodell (EV) 3-5, 2b, 3 runs; Kyki Hagler (EV) 3-4, 4 runs, 2 RBI; Lexi Melone (EV) 3-4, 2 2b, 6 RBI; Tinley Taylor (EV) 1-3, 3b, 2 runs, RBI; Kaylee Prince (EV) 2-3, RBI, 4 runs.