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Canada geese. (Associated Press)

Mitchell, Klingele perfect at Button Shoot

Jeff Mitchell and Jason Klingele both broke perfect scores to lead the way in the men’s division during Week 2 of the W.K. Button Shoot at the Yakima Valley Sportsmen Association.

Their scores will carry over into next week. Craig Lee broke a 25 and took home the button after winning a shoot off against Paul Klingele in the Senior Division.

Super Senior John Cushing broke a 24 to win his division and Sue Trindle’s 21 won the Ladies button. New shooter Kami Mallon won the junior division by breaking an 18.

In Week 1, Rick White and John Klingele both broke perfect scores in the men’s division that carried over to the next week. Senior shooter Jim Turnbull and Ladies shooter Jennifer Klingele both broke perfect 25s to win their divisions.

Ace Thomas broke a 24 to win the Junior division and Glen Lowrie broke a 24 to win the Super Senior button.


A walk from Sarg Hubbard Park to the Arboretum, along Buchanan Lake via the Yakima Greenway, gave one local birder the opportunity to photograph 13 tundra swans. He also noted a mixed flock of 80 cackling/Canada geese and an estimated 65 American goldfinches at each end of Buchanan Lake.

At the irrigation reservoir on Van Belle Road near Sunnyside there were over 1,500 Canada geese, a few cackling geese and one greater white-fronted goose in the evening flight of waterfowl coming to roost, an impressive and noisy spectacle.

Can’t recall when your school won that state title? Need to settle a bet? One place for decades of Valley sports.

While birding the area around the Y junction of US Highway 12 and State Route 410 a local bird enthusiast spotted a golden eagle. Winter is the best season to see these magnificent birds of prey that nest on cliff rim near there. They are also attracted to the nearby elk and sheep feeding stations, where the animals that don’t survive become good food for the eagles.

A few special birds of note include the barred owl that is still being seen at the West Valley Community Park, a peregrine falcon that has returned to the old water tower on Elm Street and Washington Avenue in Toppenish and a great egret that appears to prefer the little marsh at Valley Marine over the nearby Yakima River.

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SATURDAY: The Hard Core Runners Club will host a weekend social run at a variety of distances and paces. Meet at 9 a.m. at the Yakima Greenway parking lot at US Highway 12 and Old Naches Highway.

MONDAY: A Discover Pass won’t be needed for day use parking at Washington’s state parks to celebrate Martin Luther King Day. Sno Parks permits are still required.

WEDNESDAY: The Hard Core Runners Club will meet for its weekly fun run at 6 p.m. at Franklin Park, where they run either on the track or the street.

Runners must break into multiple groups if more than 10 people show up. Those wanting to run on the street should bring headlamps and reflective/illuminated clothing.

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