The crowd watches Dave Richardson handle a rattlesnake at the West Texas Rattlesnake Show on Friday, Feb. 15, 2019 at Central Washington Sportsmen Show in Yakima, Wash. (Evan Abell, Yakima Herald-Republic)

Schuyler to keep Sportsmen’s shows

The ownership of the Central Washington and Tri-Cities Sportsmen shows won’t change after all — at least not yet.

Merle Shuyler said Amy Gustin of the ADG Media Group in Wenatchee grew concerned about taking over all three Shuyler Productions shows due to the economic downturn caused by COVID-19. Both of them decided it would be best for Shuyler Productions to keep producing the shows in Pasco and Yakima for now, and Gustin will produce the Wenatchee Valley Sportsmen Show in late February beginning next year.

Bird Alert

Even with the “Stay at home/social distancing” rules in effect birders around the Yakima area are finding some good birds. A nice calm morning of bird watching at a home along Wide Hollow Road was filled with at least 19 species, with a few new visitors including Cassin’s vireo, ruby crowned kinglet, American goldfinch, brown-headed cowbird, Nashville warbler and yellow-rumped warbler.

A Chestnut Avenue yard has seen quite a diversity of birds including California quail, Eurasian collared-dove, American crow, black-capped chickadee, golden-crowned kinglet, red-breasted nuthatch, 30 cedar waxwings that come to their water feature for a drink and a bath, house finch, pine siskin, white-crowned sparrow, which were joined by two golden-crowned sparrows, orange-crowned warbler and yellow-rumped warbler. Of course, when you feed birds you have to expect the unexpected, as in the Cooper’s hawk that made a couple of passes at the cedar waxwings and sparrows, quite a surprise this time of year. The biggest surprise is the pair of mallards that have visited the past few days. Not what you expect in such a residential area.

The Vaux’s swifts are back and using the Johnson’s Auto Glass chimney as a night roost. The best chance to see them enter the chimney is to be there sometime between ten minutes prior to sunset and 30 minutes after.

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