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Here we are in the heart of hunting season. There are still some big game seasons open, and all of the upland and waterfowl seasons are going full steam ahead. We’re enjoying some really nice fall weather. It is a great time to be outdoors.

Just before the big game hunting seasons each year my dad would get out his old antler-handled hunting knife and go to work on it with a whetstone. He’d work and work the knife’s blade over the stone and after a bit he’d grab a piece of paper and with one quick flick of his wrist, the knife …

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife postponed its online question and answer session for regional residents with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife director Kelly Susewind originally scheduled for Tuesday night.

YAKIMA, Wash. —Hunting buddy Greg Wilson and I had a great trip to Montana last weekend. We headed to the eastern part of big sky country to hunt pheasants. The weather was great, the hunting was good and even though we spent a total of some 28 hours on the road, coming and going, it was wel…

YAKIMA, Wash. — A Yakama Nation biologist notes “an almost complete failure of Cascade Range conifers in the region west of Yakima to produce cones this fall, in contrast with last fall when almost all species bore a bountiful cone crop. This may mean Steller’s jays and other birds dependent…

YAKIMA, Wash. — Fall is definitely in the air, and that means many of the general hunting seasons are quickly approaching. And, as hunters start to plan for their fall activities, folks from the State Department of Fish and Wildlife would like to help out.

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