The fish-counters at Bonneville Dam have had their hands full the past couple weeks. Just since the first of June over two million shad have scurried up through the fish ladders on their way to where ever it is shad go.

YAKIMA, Wash. — As beginning birder in my teenage years, I still remember quite clearly my first glimpse of this exotic appearing bird. It was 1968 and at Buena Vista Lagoon north of San Diego in California. Through my binoculars, I caught sight of this brilliantly patterned yellow bird with…

If you’ve been thinking about doing some fishing, but you’re not sure you want to spring for a license just to fish for a day or two, well Washington State has a deal for you. This weekend fishing is free. That’s right, on Saturday and Sunday, everyone can fish without a license.

A recent Yakima Herald-Republic article from April 10 suggested various “symbols” for Yakima. The bird chosen was the prairie falcon. The mammal the paper chose was what many south-central Washington residents call the “sage rat.” The proper name for this endearing creature is Townsend’s gro…

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