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With the hot weather putting a damper on some of the local fishing and with the dog days of summer fast approaching, this is the time of the year when I start thinking about the upcoming hunting seasons; the first of which are a little over a month away.

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It’s been interesting watching my dogs during this recent heat spell. I have two Labrador retrievers, one old and yellow, the other younger and black. Even though they are of the same breed, they tend to act quite differently, not just in the unrelenting heat, but most other times too.

A small population of pronghorns were native in eastern Washington, hanging on despite hunting and habitat changes until the early 1900s. Efforts to reintroduce this mammal by the Yakama Nation, the Central Washington Chapter of Safari Club International, many volunteers in south-central Was…

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If there is a fish in this world that has it figured out it is the American shad. Given every obstacle in its way, the shad not only is surviving, it is thriving. When the runs of steelhead and salmon are struggling on the Columbia River, the shad keep returning to the big river in huge numbers.

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