A's use late offensive surge to top Mariners 5-2

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SELAH, Wash. — Riley Seed was 5 for 6 with four runs scored and five RBI as the Yakima Valley Pepsi Pak swept Centralia 12-2 in both games in Senior Legion nonleague play Saturday at Archer Stadium.

Jack Van De Brake collected three hits and two runs in each game, and Wyatt Berriman pitched a complete game in the opener.

The Pak moved to 21-8 for the season and will host Centralia for a single game on Sunday at noon.

Game 1

Centralia 200 000 — 2 8 2

Yakima Valley 511 104 — 12 14 2

Rose, Hull (5), Ryan (6) and Smith; Berriman and Collett.

YV highlights: Brady Helgeson 2-4, 2b, run, 4 RBI; Riley Seed 3-3, 2 runs, 3 RBI; Jack Van De Brake 3-4, 2 runs; Brandon Bruner 2-5, run, 2 RBI; Spencer Froula 2-4, 2b, run, RBI; Dylan Bishop 1-3, 3b, 2 runs, 2 RBI; Wyatt Berriman CG, 6 IP, 2 ER, 1 BB, 1 K.

Game 2

Centralia 000 02 — 2 8 1

Yakima Valley 500 7x — 12 12 3

Hawkins, Smith (4) and Smith; Tolliver, Garretson (5) and Collett.

YV highlights: Seed 2-3, 2 runs, 2 RBI; Bruner 3-4, 2 runs; Van De Brake 3-3, 2 runs, RBI; Froula 2-3, 2 runs; Hayden Groth 1-3, 2b, RBI; Austin Tolliver 4 IP, 0 ER, 0 BB, 2 K.


Saturday’s Games

Yakima Valley Peppers 8, Spokane 1 (YVP: Connor Dailey 2-4, RBI; Chase Ergeson 2-4, RBI; Matthew Quincy 2-3, 3 RBI; Dean Pettijohn CG, 1 ER.)

Yakima Valley Peppers 5, Lewis & Clark 2 (YVP: Chase Ergeson 1-1, RBI; Matthew Quincy 2-3; Evan Anderson 5 1/3 IP, 0ER, 14K, 1-2, HR; Sawyer Townsend RBI.)

West Valley Baseball Club 8, Aberdeen 0 (WVBC: Layne Lemke CG, 0ER, 2 hits, RBI; Adam Goodrich 3-4, RBI; Derek Wolff 2-RBI 2b; Tommy Moleski 2 3b; Alex Huber 2b; Brady Steiner 2 hits.)

West Valley Baseball Club 3, Couer d’Alene 0 (WVBC: Connor Schlect 8 IP, 1 hit, 0ER, 11K; Drew Johnson RBI-1b; Eli Grange 2 hits, RBI-2b; Tommy Moleski 2 hits, RBI-1b.)

Friday’s Games

Yakima Valley Peppers 20, Shadle Park 0 (YVP: Wyatt Johnson CG, 9K; Drew Benjamin 2-3, RBI; Chase Ergeson 1-2, 2b, 3 RBI; Ryker Fortier 1-2, 2 RBI; Matthew Quincy 2b, 3 RBI; Danny Sypher 2 RBI; Jack Jenkins 3-4, 5 RBI; Sawyer Townsend 1-3, RBI; Chuck Schwartz 4-4, 3b, 2 HR.)

Yakima Valley Peppers 15, Asotin 7 (YVP: Evan Anderson 2-5, 2b, 3 RBI; Ryker Fortier 2-4, 3 runs, RBI; Matthew Quincy 3-5, 2b, 3 RBI; Alex Morford 2-5, 3 RBI; Drew Benjamin 2-4, RBI; Dean Pettijohn 2-4; Chuck Schwartz 2 3b, 5 RBI.)

West Valley Baseball Club 3, Spokane 1 (WVBC: Blake Leverton 6 2-3 IP, 1 ER; Drew Johnson 2b; Jayden Klebaum 2 hits.)

West Valley Baseball Club 9, Calgary 0 (WVBC: Drew Johnson 2 hits, 2b; Eli Granger 2 hits, 2b.)


Yakima falls to Seattle

Yakima United’s men absorbed a 5-1 loss to Seattle Stars FC in Evergreen Premier League play on Saturday at Yakima Valley College.

Yakima slipped to 3-4-1 in the Cascade Conference and will take on the Tri-Cities Alliance on Saturday in Pasco at Edgar Brown Stadium. The match starts at 5 p.m.

Yakima will then close out its regular season with a trip to Bellingham on July 14.


Yakima Speedway



Fast time: Josh Washington 15.80. A Dash: Chad Stevenson, Josh Washington, Travis McKinney, Morgan Morrison, James Norman, Chris Kohler. B Dash: Mikey Norman, Patrick Allaire, Kevin McGill, Brian Cecil, Max Cook, Kathy Corbin. C Dash: Robert Patton, Jay Smith, Billy Folkner, Bob Wiley, Bryce Beede, Timothy Sutton. Heat A: Max Cook, Marcus Haggard, Chris Kohler, Morgan Morrison, Jeff Ball, Brian Cecil, Brian Peterson, Kathy Corbin, Michael Moore, Travis McKinney, James Norman, Josh Washington, Chad Stevenson. Heat B: Matt Eglin, Kevin McGill, Patrick Allaire, Chuck Cook, Jennifer Hills-Ball, Jay Smith, Robert Patton, Billy Folkner, Barbara Justice, Bob Wiley, Bryce Beede, Timothy Sutton.

Main event: Marcus Maggard, Max Cook, Morgan Morrison, Jeff Ball, Michael Moore, Patrick Allaire, Jennifer Hills-Ball, Chuck Cook, Billy Folkner, Jay Smith, Bob Wiley, Josh Washington, Barbara Justice, Kevin McGill, Bryce Beede, Robert Patton, Matt Eglin, Chris Kohler, Kathy Corbin, Chad Stevenson, Brian Cecil, Timothy Sutton, Mikey Norman, Brian Peterson.

Powder Puff: Shyanne Trujillo, Ashley Van Beek, Tammy Scott, Kylie Turko, Bri Smith. Mechanics: Mike Bales, Josh Henne, Matt Eglin, Jessie Brock, Max Cook, Nathan Younker.


Fast time: Jeff Baker Jr. 16.25. A Dash: JJ Scott, Kellie Zacharias, Kenny Whitney, John Irvine, Zach Clemens, Andre Savala, Peppie Rojas, Buck Banger, Larry Norman, Jeff Baker Jr. B Dash: Jordin Broderson, James Hart, Randy Martinez, Todd Nunn, Noah Copeland, Darren Scott, Chad Pasche. Heat A: Todd Nunn, Kenny Whitney, Kellie Zacharias, James Hart, John Irvine, Chad Pasche, JJ Scott. Heat B: Andre Savala, Jeff Baker Jr., Jordin Broderson, Zach Clemens, Noah Copeland.

Main event: Andre Savala, Kellie Zacharias, Todd Nunn, Noah Copeland, Chad Pasche, JJ Scott, Jordin Broderson, James Hart, John Irvine, Buck Banger, Larry Norman, Kelly Whitney, Jeff Baker Jr., Zach Clemens.

Powder Puff: Rita Trujillo, Amber Savala, Stacy Smith, Vicky Porter, Shyanne Trujillo, Tabby Scott, Sharon Leonard, Barbara Justice. Mechanics: Jeff Broderson, Aaron Haley, Max Cook, Cody Denton, Mike Winehard, Bill Folkner, Travis Kohler. Boat Race: Todd Nunn, Jeff Ball.