YAKIMA, Wash. — After the first week of spring practices, new Central Washington football coach Chris Fisk knows two things — the defense will be pretty good and it will take some time to sort out the quarterback situation.

“I’m really impressed with the defense’s ability to pursue the football,” he said. “They’re making that quarterback competition hard on us.”

As for that competition, Fisk said all three in the mix — sophomores Christian Moore and Canon Racanelli and freshman Tai-John Mizutani — are all working hard for the chance to replace Reilly Hennessey.

“They’re all doing a great job. They’re grinding every day,” he said, adding that right now, the key is just getting each player as many reps in practice as possible. “If anyone has an edge right now, Christian has been in the program a little longer but they're all even right now.”

Fisk adds he’s in no rush to make a decision, saying, “I’ve learned you don’t put a timeline on it. If we know before we play Idaho (in the season opener), we’ll tell you. If not, we’ll rotate them against Idaho.”

As for other aspects, Fisk said he’s also impressed with the running backs and a more experienced wide receiver crew but said Central’s young offensive line will be a work in progress.

“I joke that we have to coach again,” said Fisk, who was Central’s offensive line coach the past three seasons. “Last year, we had so many veteran guys, they knew what was going to happen before it happened. Now, we’re coaching some basics. We have our work cut out for us there.”