How to Choose an Electrician

A poor electrical system or faulty wiring can cost you your home — or your life. Electricity is a great thing. It heats and cools our homes, charges our phones, cooks our meals and powers our computers.

But electricity can also be lethal. Touch the wrong thing and you could be electrocuted or trigger a fire. That’s why it’s important to get the help of a qualified electrician.

Trained professionals can skillfully and safely rewire a home or connect a lighting system.

Consider these tips when you are searching for a qualified, licensed electrician for your project or repair:

1-  Don’t postpone a repair. Flickering lights or an outlet that doesn’t work is a warning sign. When you first suspect a problem, ask your family and friends to recommend an experienced electrician. You can also look online for qualified professionals.

2- Contact three or four electricians and request information about their licenses, availability, experience and rates.

3- Any electrician who cannot provide references and a current license should not be considered. A reliable and experienced electrician will maintain a current license.

4- Ask for references from recently completed projects. A reputable electrician will understand and gladly comply. If he or she cannot provide references, they may do substandard work or not have recent experience.

5- Check with the local Better Business Bureau for complaints. Even the best electrician will have a disgruntled customer or two, but if there are any complaints, find out how those complaints were resolved.

6- Get estimates from two or three electricians. They should come to your home and speak to you about the job. These estimates will allow you to compare rates and make an assessment of their appearance and work habits.

7- Get all estimates in writing. Read over the estimates to ensure that everything is covered, including a description of the job to be performed, total cost, time for completion, insurance coverage and clean-up. Ask questions and get answers in writing before you sign a contract or agreement. Ask about guarantees and warranties.

8- Don’t make a decision based solely on price. The electrical system in your home is far too important for you to choose simply by price.

9- If you are undecided, you can try a potential electrician by hiring him for a small project first.

Don’t end up with damages that could have been avoided by hiring a professional. Find the right, qualified electrician in your area to make sure you and your home are safe.