Authorities are seeking information in a search for a mother of two who has been missing since Aug. 8.

Larise Deon Sohappy, 34, was last seen near the Yakama Indian Health Service clinic at 401 Buster Road with an unknown male, according to a flyer shared on social media. She is an enrolled member of the Yakama Nation.

Her mother, Julie Sohappy, said she last saw her daughter Aug. 8 at Fort and Buster roads.

“There was a tow truck hauling away a big, brown SUV,” she said. “I want to possibly get the owner of that vehicle” along with information about the towing company.

Julie Sohappy has been talking with Yakama Nation Tribal Police about that and urged anyone with information to call the department at 509-865-2933.

Larise Sohappy has lived at a home in Yakima for about eight years, but her mother said the home “is not a place to be living; there’s no electricity and no water.”

“We’ve been going there daily to see and hope that maybe she’s there or had been there and it’s still the same. Nobody has been there,” Julie Sohappy said.

She said her daughter hasn’t been employed for about four months. She used to work at the Wolf Den in Wapato and for the Yakama Nation.

Larise Sohappy’s two children, 8 and 4 years old, have been living with Julie Sohappy for about a year.

Julie Sohappy has been posting flyers in her search for her daughter.

“I’ve talked to the people on the streets, thinking that if they see her walking around, anything, that they will contact the tribal police,” she said. “Most businesses would let them use their phone to report that.”