Felina Metsker


The sentencing of a woman who pleaded guilty in connection with the March 2016 murder of a Harrah woman has been continued to late October.

Nicole Lee Sunny Cloud, 30, was scheduled to be sentenced at 11:15 a.m. July 12 in U.S. District Court in Yakima. Monday, U.S. District Judge Stanley Bastian granted her attorney’s motion to continue the sentencing and set it for 11:15 a.m.

Oct. 23.

Bastian also granted attorney Ulvar Wallace Klein’s motion to join the case with another federal case that “is still pending with a likely resolution involving both cases,” Klein wrote in the motion filed Friday. Prosecutors did not object.

“Counsel would like the sentencing in this case to be moved to late September or October when both cases can be addressed at the same time,” Klein wrote.

A jury trial in Cloud’s pending federal case is set for 9 a.m. July 29. She and three others are accused of attempted aggravated sexual assault in an incident at the Yakima County jail on May 21, 2018, according to court documents. They were originally indicted on June 10, 2018,

but a superseding indictment was filed March 12.

The sentencing continued from July 12 to Oct. 23 is in the case where Cloud and her sister, Kristen Ashlie Windy Cloud, 38, were indicted as accessories after the fact in the March 2016 murder of Felina Metsker, 33.

Metsker was last seen between 2 and 3 p.m. March 25, 2016, in the area of Barkes Road in Harrah, where she was staying in a trailer. Authorities said blankets and a plastic window covering were missing from the trailer the next day.

The 33-year-old mother of two was reported missing April 1, 2016. Her remains were found in May 2016 and the Clouds’ cousins, George Skylar Cloud, 22, and Neil Cloud, 20, were indicted in her death.

A witness said the brothers killed Metsker because she had cooperated with police and they had “to eliminate the threat,” according to court documents.

Neil Cloud’s remains were found in Medicine Valley off Towtnuk Road near White Swan in September 2017. George Skylar Cloud was found guilty by a federal jury Jan. 17 of first-degree murder and using a firearm in a violent crime in connection with Metsker’s death. He was sentenced May 1 to life without parole for killing her.

George Cloud also received two consecutive 10-year prison sentences for discharging a firearm in crimes of violence. One sentence was for Metsker and the second was for wounding a woman in an earlier carjacking. A jury found Cloud guilty in Metsker’s death following a January trial, and he pleaded to the firearms count in the carjacking as part of a plea deal.

A witness told authorities that Kristen Cloud and Nicole Cloud helped clean up the crime scene, according to court documents.

Nicole Cloud pleaded guilty to the accessory charge in a December agreement.

In a December plea agreement, Kristen Cloud also pleaded guilty to the accessory charge and was sentenced March 6. Prosecutors recommended that Kristen Cloud, on probation when Metsker was murdered, serve two years in prison followed by a year of supervised release.

Bastian went lower, sentencing Kristen Cloud to 18 months in prison with one year of supervised release, a $100 fine and $5,000 restitution to the Yakama Nation for Metsker’s burial costs.

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