The Yakima Valley has a problem with health care.

For too many residents, getting the right care at the right time is difficult or impossible. Its seen in months-long waits for appointments. It's seen in long drives to the westside for treatment. Ultimately it's seen in sicker patients, untreated conditions and shorter lives.

In collaboration with El Sol de Yakima, KDNA Radio and the Local Journalism Initiative, the Yakima Herald-Republic is digging into the causes and consequences of this problem, and what we as a community can do to solve it.

Our coverage of Health Care Access in the Yakima Valley is part of the Protecting and Promoting Local Journalism Initiative, which is supported by the Yakima Valley Community Foundation with financial, training and technological assistance from Microsoft Corp.

In Yakima County, the initiative is a collaboration between the Yakima Herald-Republic, El Sol de Yakima and Radio KDNA, whose journalists maintain independent editorial control of the project.

To make a charitable contribution to the Yakima Valley Community Foundation's Community Journalism Fund, visit the foundation's website and select the “Give Today” button. On the sidebar, click on “Find Opportunities.” Enter “journalism” in the word search and the fund will pop up. Donors can also send checks and stocks directly to the Yakima Valley Community Foundation.


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