Yakama Nation Heritage Cultural Center in Toppenish.

The Yakama Nation is getting $58.7 million from the federal government to help it cope with the coronavirus outbreak.

Tribal officials announced Friday that the tribe is receiving funding from the government’s $2.2 billion coronavirus relief package.

Among the uses for the money are coronavirus testing, contact tracing, personal protective equipment for first responders, and support for those affected by pandemic-related job losses or business closures, a news release said.

“Expenses to respond to this emergency situation were not part of the budget for the Yakama Nation or any other government,” Tribal Council Chairman Delano Saluskin said in a statement.

Coronavirus funding can only be used for costs incurred as a result of the pandemic from March 1 to Dec. 30 this year, according to the release. Funds not used by Dec. 30 must be returned to the government, the release said.

Funds cannot be used for unrelated expenses, such as shortfalls in the tribal government’s revenues or per-capita distributions to tribal members, the release said.

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