myStrength is a free mental health app available to those living and working in Yakima County. The Yakima Health District offers the app to help people control anxiety and other issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A free mental health app available for those living and working in Yakima County provides tools to control anxiety, balance emotions, manage chronic pain, improve sleep and more as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

The myStrength app assists with mental and behavioral health issues, according to a news release from the Yakima Health District. It’s available in English and Spanish.

“While public health recommendations are necessary to stop the spread of COVID-19, they can make us feel isolated and increase our stress. Therefore, it is important to find healthy ways to cope and take care of our mental health,” said Dr. Larry Jecha, interim health officer for the health district.

For many people, the past year has been full of challenges that have caused increased stress, anxiety and isolation. COVID-19 fatigue is real, health officials said, and many have felt the effects of the pandemic.

“This app has many tools to help with many different conditions: anxiety, depression and chronic pain, plus lighter topics such as improving sleep, relaxation techniques, info on pregnancy and early parenting and much more,” according to the news release.

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Some of the activities highlighted by the app to help people manage their mental and behavioral health include breathing exercises and inspirational sayings. “All the tools in this app are evidence-based self-help resources for emotional health and overall well-being,” the health district said.

Lilián Bravo, director of public health partnerships for the health district, mentioned the app during the Feb. 24 county board of health meeting. “There’s even an entire section dealing with working from home,” she said.

Andre Fresco, executive director of the health district, urged people to consider using the app.

“It is crucial to find healthy ways to focus on your mental health. Use it at home with your family, on your break, or to help you go to sleep,” he said.