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Applications close August 31!

NOTE: Only students from participating schools are eligible. To confirm your school’s participation and to obtain more information on Unleashed, contact David Goehner at Educational Service District 105, 509-454-3131 or

You may also download a PDF application here.

Unleashed members are expected to produce at least 10 publishable items between September and August, including some materials related to their school.

Personal details
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Work Examples

Please include several samples of your work for the position for which you are applying. DO NOT submit poetry. You may submit URLS, upload examples or copy/paste. Areas for each are included below to use as you wish.

Biography and personal goals
You have 550 words remaining.
Story ideas

Please list three specific ideas that could be turned into stories for Unleashed:


Please list the name of at least one teacher to serve as a reference.

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