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Weekend Pick: Single Hill block party, where beer and music go together like ... beer and music

laney lou and the bird dogs

Laney Lou & The Bird Dogs are playing at the Single Hill first anniversary party Saturday.

So, let’s say a new brewery opened, offering a quality day-in, day-out lineup of beers plus a dynamic parade of adventurous (or even risky) limited-time beers.

Sounds good, right? You get the tried-and-true PLUS you get the wild and unusual.

Now let’s also say this brewery hosted community events, partnering with well-meaning local agencies and groups to do good things for Yakima. And it was located right downtown. And it hosted taco trucks. And it had a huge open-air seating area, was dog friendly and encouraged families to visit. I believe that’d be the sort of place worth celebrating.

And so it is that Single Hill Brewing Co.’s first-anniversary block party is our SCENE Weekend Pick this week. Frankly, it might have been the pick just on the strength of its music lineup, even if Single Hill didn’t already do all of that other stuff.

Three high-energy live acts are set to play. It starts with Blake Noble, the Aussie-turned-Washingtonian who’s spent the past decade becoming one of the Yakima Valley’s favorite performers. His mix of didgeridoo and percussive guitar is something to see (especially if you’re one of the, like, five people around here who haven’t checked him out).

Then there’s The Lowdown Drifters, a five-man outfit out of Stanwood that plays a straightforward, unpretentious brand of Northwest country music.

And it’s all capped by the evening’s headliners, Laney Lou & The Bird Dogs out of Bozeman, Mont. What they do isn’t exactly groundbreaking or novel, but boy howdy do they do it well. They are fine-tuned to wring the most engagement they can out of an audience with shout-and-stomp Americana.

It should be a good show and a great party.

If you go

What: Single Hill Brewing first-anniversary block party

When: Noon-7 p.m. Saturday

Where: Single Hill Brewing Co., 102 N. Naches Ave.

Admission: Free

Information:, 509-367-6756

Reach Pat Muir at

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