Coffeehouse Poets: From fruit comes a profound understanding

dotty armstrong

Dotty Armstrong

The Yakima Coffeehouse Poets, a nonprofit formed in 2014 to represent the interests of poets and poetry lovers in Central Washington, is the organization behind this poetry column, which runs on the fourth Thursday of each month. It features inland Washington poets and their winning poems from the Yakima Coffeehouse Poets’ annual contest.

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Poet Dotty Armstrong says “I like to write about the things that touch me every day. It helps me understand my world. I am new to Naches and Yakima. The slow pace, sunny days and feeding the ducks on the slough cheer me and help me to write.”


Any kind of moon

will make them glow.

We sit in the dark,

close together,

not talking,

watch them on the tree.

Your splayed hand

rests on top of mine.

I pretend the gold light

is anointing us.

You have to pick them in the morning

when it’s cool.

Nest them in a box,

one layer only,

have to be careful

with things you love.

— Dotty Armstrong

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